Is our obsession with cleanliness causing stronger strains of viruses?

  • Viruses are evolving but humans are not

    Viruses and bacteria are proven that they do evolve with time and do get stronger in a way. One example is the bacteria strains that are resistant to certain antibiotics. So in order to keep up humans need to evolve too. On the other hand we as humans are doing the complete opposite. We are knowingly getting weaker. Our lifestyle, health choices, and stress levels have all contributed a little. Less physical activity, bad food, too much stress, and very little sleep. While it is a small organism it is still gaining on us a lot and thus nowadays the flu is much stronger.

  • Our obsession with cleanliness is causing stronger strains of viruses.

    The over-use of hand sanitizers could lead strains of bacteria to become resistant to chemicals used as disinfectants. This could become a serious problem, because there could be new kinds of germs that we will not be able to fight. If this happens, a lot of people could get sick or die from these new kinds of bacteria.

  • Clearly, we're causing stronger viruses.

    By constantly feeling the need to put that bacteria killing hand sanitizer on our hands, we're killing "99.9%" of germs. But what about that 0.01% that doesn't get killed by the sanitizer? It's clearly strong enough to live through the product. Since these germs/viruses live they can reproduce and there will be more of the strong viruses living on our skin, thus the more germs there are that won't die when we put the product on our hands. If there are more of the viruses that are immune to the sanitizer, or whichever cleaning product said to "kill bacteria", they will only continue to grow and grow in number, resulting in a stronger virus strain.

  • I think our need to be clean has created stronger viruses, because they are gaining immunity to these cleansers.

    I think we are using more chemicals to kill viruses and bacteria, so that we may feel cleaner. In reality, viruses are developing immunity to many things, due to the chemicals we use. Also, cleaning our hands and food with harsher chemicals means that good bacteria is being killed, which is the same bacteria that might help fight off viruses in our bodies.

    Posted by: BashfulEmil60
  • Antibiotics and industrial cleaners only further strengthen viruses.

    Obsession with cleanliness does cause stronger strains of viruses. It is proven that Candida, a micro-organism found in the intestines, grows rapidly as more antibiotics are introduced into the system of the human body. Furthermore, as science develops, flus and other illnesses continue to morph into stronger deadlier viruses, regardless of the pharmaceutical strides to alleviate them.

    Posted by: CowardlyVirgil31
  • I totally agree that our obsession with cleanliness and medications has and will continue to make it harder and harder to treat viruses.

    I think that being too clean can actually be more harmful than good, especially when considering viruses and bacteria. Our body has natural defenses to fight off a lot of viruses and by striping that away in an attempt to achieve maximum cleanliness, we are only allowing a portal of entry for these viruses and bacteria to get in without the benefit of the protection of our own built in mechanisms to ward them off. Viruses and bacteria mutate and change and by over-cleaning and the use of antibiotics when necessary, I feel that we will soon encounter viruses and bacteria that can not be treated. We already are dealing with a version of that with MRSA and VRSA, and many other conditions that could have prevented.

    Posted by: UnsuitableRigoberto99
  • Yes, because our cleaning regimens leave only the strongest viruses alive, or completely immune to our cleaning.

    Almost all of our efforts to kill viruses and bacteria fall short of genocide. Genocide is what it would take to remove the threat of a virus or bacteria. If you kill 99.9 percent of germs, that .1 percent can still infect you. Vaccines work by making people stronger against the selected organism, and incurring herd immunity. Cleaning works to hurt the strength-in-numbers of viruses and bacteria, but doesn't make them weaker on their own.

    Posted by: dahye0413
  • We are creating our own "super viruses" by not exposing ourselves and our children to a normal environment, which includes bacteria and viruses that occur in nature.

    Americans have become obsessed with trying to achieve absolute sterile cleanliness. We no longer allow our children to play in the dirt and make mud pies. They rarely climb trees, or catch and release frogs. The result is that we have become a nation that has never been exposed to a "complete" environment. We try to kill off any bacteria or living thing that is not "us". The result is that, when our bodies encounter the average bacteria and viruses that our parents' and our grandparents' bodies could handle, our bodies have not been prepared to do so. These bacteria and viruses, in addition, mutate very quickly, because they have very short life cycle. For example, the seventh generation for a virus can be less than a week. The virus and bacteria that can best withstand our onslaught of killing agents breed and produce offspring that can withstand our attempts to kill them even more successfully, from generation to generation. So, we have a double-edged assault on our health. The bugs are getting stronger, and we are getting weaker. This addiction to perfect cleanliness is almost exclusively American. Advertisers insist that we must be absolutely bacteria-free. And we literally buy it.

    Posted by: CI3Iike
  • Our obsession with cleanliness is only weakening our immune systems and speeding up the arrival of a "super virus".

    Cleanliness and disinfecting everything has gotten out of control in this country. We seem to have forgotten that in order to have a strong immune system, it needs to learn how to fight and work. Avoiding all germs will only leave a person with a weak and confused immune system when it does come in contact with a virus. Also, for those of you who don't agree with evolution, I got news for you, viruses evolve. The more we try to keep things clean and disinfected, the more viruses change to deal with it. In the long run this will create a "super virus" fully prepared to attack a society with weakened immune systems.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • I do think our obsession with cleanliness is causing stronger strains of viruses.

    I feel that our obsession with cleanliness is causing stronger strains of viruses. Science has already done studies on this involving the overuse of antibiotics that has increased the strength of viruses. Viruses, just as people, build up immunities. The more often a virus comes into contact with something that kills it, the more the likelihood that some of the virus will survive and grow, creating resistant viruses.

    Posted by: TickoCa22
  • We have only gotten weaker

    When we continually clean we do not let our immune systems build up so we cannot fight off other bacteria. As we continue to clean we are only getting weaker, the bacteria is not getting stronger. With the rising use of chemicals we think we kill the bacteria when we use the cleaners, but we do not get stronger ourselves, so in turn we are getting weaker.

  • I don't think our obsession with cleanliness is causing stronger strains of viruses because, historically, there have been virus epidemics when there were lesser standards of cleanliness.

    At various points in history, there have been tremendous epidemics and plagues. Those were not in any way tied to standards of cleanliness that had made viruses stronger. In fact, there is nothing linking modern epidemics to viruses that have been strengthened by cleanliness.

    Posted by: 5h4bbyByron
  • Our obsession with cleanliness is not causing stronger strains of viruses, because it is more just our need to over-medicate.

    Keeping ourselves clean actually helps in the fight against germs. The thing that really causes the problems of stronger strains of viruses is the fact that patients want a solution right away, and doctors are forced to prescribe medication, even though they know that it will not help the illness that the patient has.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Cleanliness is not leading to stronger virus, because they are only becoming stronger by developing new ways around our antibodies.

    There is no evidence that shows that our increased cleanliness in society has led to stronger viruses. The reason that viruses are getting strong is that they are evolving against our antibodies. Another thing to note is that these viruses may have been around, but one person could have brought them from a foreign land. This would make us think that they were stronger, when in reality they are just new.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior

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