• Obsession with reality shows are bad

    It is my opinion that the obsession with reality television is a negative trait because it creates a focus on the perceptions that create insecurities in our daily lives. These shows typically have characters that are larger than life, and who embody vanity. By becoming obsessed with these characters people begin to take into their own personality the negative traits that those characters embody.

  • Yes, it's good.

    Reality shows give us entertainment in a way many other mediums of entertainment cannot give us. These reality shows seem like reality, but in actuality most of these things in these shows would probably likely not happen. These reality shows give us something to do to stimulate out brains in a positive way.

  • It's a way to compare ourselves to others.

    Repeat after me: It's just a television show. It's not going to harm you. You don't have to watch it if you don't like it. I think for many people, though, it's actually a good thing. The people who are on reality TV are so desperate for fame, they will do anything. We can look at them and tell ourselves that no matter what, we are not that bad.

  • Reality shows are bad

    The depiction offered in reality shows is unrealistic. Often the people are chosen based on unrealistic criteria, and then are put into unrealistic situations. People become enthralled by these kinds of TV shows because they glamorize regular daily life. They might compact 2 weeks of life into one episode for the illusion that life is exciting. The worst part about these shows is that it illustrates that we as a people are more excited to watch someone else's life than go outside and live our own.

  • No, our obsession with reality shows are a bad thing.

    I believe that people's obsession with reality shows are a bad thing. I do not think there is anything positive or beneficial for people to be interested in reality shows. I think they are badly written psuedo dramas that make the entertainment industry worse in terms of quality and prestige.

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