• Press is Free

    Yes, the press in the United States is free in that it is able to speak its mind about whatever it wishes and has that right protected by the 1st Amendment. However, too often the press does not work a the watchdog it is supposed to. Regardless, it is free to do so if it so chooses.

  • The Press's Actions are determined by the movement of electrical signals from their neurons down to their fingers on their keyboards

    It's true. Basic physics. Nothing is actually free. And that includes our press. There can never be a free press because there is no free will. There can never truly even be freedom. Not even what I writing right now is free. None of it is free. Whether I will continue to stay on this computer or not is not even free.

  • I don't think so ............

    Our press is not free because we know that our leaders not allow because they know "a nation of sheep can easily beget a government of wolves." Leaders in a democracy know they are because of us and if we know something against them they will not get vote. We have two eyes and we don't know what is happening out of our sights .

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