• Technology is sandwich

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  • I don't know. Google it.

    I think our society is very dependent on the internet, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I don't see a downside to it, because it is a quick place to access information. Humans will always need to be dependent on something for information because we are not born with the entire history of humanity in our heads. As long as we use it for this purpose, it is ok. The bigger problem is people becoming dependent on electronics in general and social media because in that case, there is an alternative.

  • Sad to say but yes.

    The Internet has affect us in a major ways, and we have a lot of benefit from it actually.
    With every good product there is bad use for it and there's good use for it no matter what it is.

    So when you come to Gaining new knowledge the Internet place as big role in our life's.

  • Dependent for sure, but not necessarily too dependent.

    It's true that our society depends heavily on the internet, as well as wireless communication in general, but that doesn't mean we can't survive without it. We'll simply revert to a state similar to before the internet. Widespread use of a tool doesn't mean over dependence on it. If we ever reach a state where our need for the internet is so strong, that without it civilization would suffer irreparably, then I would say we are too dependent.

  • We need more internet all the time

    I tire of my human body, all the stressful drudgery of awful tasks such as eating, drinking, sleeping, sex and the like to keep our baser hormonal needs satisfied. Imagine a world where your personality, your consciousness, everything that makes you who you are could be uploaded to a computer. No more of the vile biological urges and needs that plague us daily, no more interaction with the disgusting natural world. No longer will we endure humaness, rather we could live without living; existing in cyberspace and interfacing via the internets

  • No fuck society

    Our society is too stupid to even understand what technology is. All we are good at is talking shit and throwing shit at each other (like Apes). I cant wait until global warming finally kills us all. Because then Mr. Ho will be happy that this BS world is over. All we do with computers is search up porn and make ourselves happy.

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