• The student loan system is broken

    The system of higher education is laughable corrupt and wretchedly overpriced and seems to be geared toward forcing students to sign away a large part of a mythical future income in the form of student loans. The job market is geared toward accepting only applicants with degrees which creates students forced to borrow money to get a loan to get the education to get the job that will not exist or will not hire someone without experience. The student loan system is broken because the educational system has a greedy hammer it wields with stunning accuracy.

  • School cost too much, and student loans are immune to bankruptcy.

    I believe that our student loan system is definitely
    broken. First of all, school tuition is
    entirely too high nowadays. Also, even
    if people can’t afford to pay back their student loans, they can’t do a
    bankruptcy and have the loans forgiven.
    For the future of our children, we all need to get together and find a
    way to fix the broken student loan system.

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