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  • Our taxation system is equitable.

    Our progressive tax system is equitable. It is right that people who make more money should have to pay higher taxes. The people who have benefited the most from being in our country should have to pay back the community which gave them so much. Also, poor people should not have to pay as much because they don't have as much to give.

  • No, the rich are taxed too harshly.

    No, our taxation system is not equitable, because the rich pay too much. Those who are given the redistributed wealth often spend their food stamp money on drugs. They do not work for the things they are given and have no incentive to work harder to make their lives better. The rich actually worked for their money and they should keep more of it.

  • Taxation System Not Equitable At All

    Unfortunatley, the American tax system is anything but equitable. The rich get major tax breaks while the middle class pays a large portion of its income to the government. Our system needs a huge overhaul that taxes the rich more and the poor less. Without a doubt, this change is needed soon because the current taxation system cripples Americans.

  • No, taxation is not fairly done.

    If there were no tax loop holes, then we could impose a smaller flat rate on everyone and probably still do better than we are today in terms of revenue. What happens is that the rich are supposed to pay a higher rate but their loop holes mean that they really do not.

  • Our current taxation system is not equitable.

    Our current taxation system is not equitable. The current tax system is full of incomprehensible and contradictory exceptions and exemptions. It is time for us to come up with a better solution and stop taxing everything but I know that is wishful thinking. Taxes seem to always be on the rise and will continue that direction.

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