Is out-of-control entitlement spending a threat to national security?

  • Excess entitlement spending cuts into military protection

    More and more, our society expects the government (i.e., taxpayers) to pay their way for goods & services that our founders would roll over in their graves to know about. As the spending grows, both sides look for cuts. It seems that liberals always look to put military cuts at the top of their list. There are many dangers from rogue nations & terrorist organizations, and we need the latest and best military power & intelligence the thwart attacks. I fear there may come a time where we'll lose just enough military ability to do so.

  • Yes, any type of out of control spending is a threat.

    Any spending that has spiraled out of control is a threat to national security. We need to spend our money wisely, in all areas. Failure to do so is going to leave us vulnerable to shortfalls in potentially critical areas. Just like it's important to stick to a personal budget, it's important for our government to stick to a budge.

  • The nation is as secure as it has ever been

    The nation is as secure than it has ever been - probably more so. Our defense budget as a share of GDP is one of the largest in the world and we have had only one attack on our soil in 50 years, and it was not by a nation state. Further, the amount of money we spend on entitlements is a drop in the bucket compared to how much we spend on defense. If anything, entitlement spending should be increased the the defense budget should be severely decreased so as to bring us in line with a modern world that is no longer in a cold war. Our current outlook on the world is rooted in outdated Reaganism and needs to be much more enlightened.

    Posted by: SMT
  • No, so-called out-of-control entitlement spending is small compared to what we spend on national security

    The government must stage a delicate balancing act between domestic affairs and those abroad and currently these two items are out of balance. The American people are taking a back seat to all of the spending we do to secure our borders and the role our government plays in mediating conflicts beyond our borders. Where it is very important to protect our country and its citizens, it is equally important to ensure that vulnerable and disabled groups of people are helped along. This is far more important than throwing away money on ammunition and intelligence that we might never utilize.

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