• Yes, it is very bad

    Outsourcing is very bad. Greedy companies don't want to pay decent wages to American workers, so they outsource the work to other countries where they can hire people for peanuts. Being able to hire someone for $0.10 sounds great to them; why pay $10.00 to an American? Now, what is that American supposed to do? He or she needs to feed a family. Are they supposed to work for $0.10 as well?

  • No, outsourcing can be very beneficial

    Some feel threatened by outsourcing, because it implies that the employees within a company do not have stable jobs. Well, that is been proven anyway over the past few decades, when employers have proven that they are not loyal to their employees (while still demanding loyalty). Unfortunately, one thing that makes outsourcing more economic is the disincentivisation of hiring full-time regular employees: the (1) tying insurance to employment and (2) making it more difficult (and career detrimental) to lay someone off.

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