• Yes, outsourcing is a good feature in an open economy.

    There are many jobs that are necessary to consumers that Americans will not accept as work. Sweatshops, customer service representatives, and farmhand jobs do not have the budget to pay them a standard of living that is acceptable in the United States. Sites like MTurk are examples of cheap labor that is desired overseas, because they had to ban international accounts because there were too many of them.

  • Creates cheap goods to consume.

    Outsourcing is simply an economic need since the government legislated certain jobs out of possibility in more developed nations. When people in China are willing to work on a few dollars a day, while the minimum wage in America is seven and a quarter, it is simply an economic certainty that outsourcing will happen.

  • Outsourcing is a bad idea.

    I am not a huge fan of outsourcing. It doesn't have any long term benefits, because you end up having to do a lot of micromanaging to get the results you want. This is expensive. Customers hate it, and they leave, which is also expensive. Any company that cannot completely manage its own affairs is pretty incompetent.

  • No, outsourcing is bad.

    Outsourcing jobs from the United States to other countries is overall a bad thing. First, it creates a situation in which the tax base is hurt. Second, it takes away American jobs. Third, it decreases the quality of goods being produced. Five, outsourcing funds waged slavery in countries like China.

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