Is outsourcing having a positive impact on the American economy?

  • outsourcing is positve for the american economy

    the U.S sends tons of laborious jobs overseas, that most Americans hate doing anyways, and we also outsource manufacturing jobs and that produce lots of hazardous waste so we don't have to live in filth and walk around with broken backs.......and forces the blue collar worker to become the white collar worker by attending school for a higher education!!

  • Outsourcing is a form of buisness Americans are just sore because they are being beaten by competition.

    Face it, outsourcing jobs that require low-knowledge to workers who are willing to work below minimum wage means that Americans who can only do those sorts of work here are being out-competed. This means that companies can get cheap work done even more cheaply and the economy would be boosting.

  • Outsourcing to Countries with Lower Wages Beneficial to the US Economy

    Outsourcing to countries with lower wages allows the US market to stay competitive on the global basis. Outsourcing also provides US consumers with cheaper goods. This allows US consumers to spend the extra money on many different sectors of the US market. In the long run, outsourcing also helps create managerial or "high quality" jobs for US workers. All of these reasons provide evidence that, contrary to popular belief, outsourcing actually is beneficial to the US economy.

  • Yes. Take an economics class before answering this question.

    Of course outsourcing is positive. For those who complain about the job losses, think about how many people companies can employ if they are out of business because someone with cheaper labor costs can sell a cheaper product. If you look at the trend of our nations employment sectors we can see about 90% is in the service industry. That is where the middle class resides, not in the manufacturing sector which has been shrinking and will continue to do so.

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  • This is Capitalism at its Best

    Hey, if you want really high prices and a low standard of living, see what happens if our government forces all goods to be produced within the US. Wait... That reminds me of socialism...
    See, most people who think that outsourcing is bad think it's unfair. If everything was "fair" there would be no poverty, wars, and competing countries for that matter. Newsflash: life isnt fair! The great thing about capitalism is that is ceases to amaze me how many creative things it spurs. Let's go back to when America had just started to industrialize... They didnt become a global superpower because they tried to copy the exact same things going on in europe... They innovated and improved the systems to get more profit.
    Bottom Line: the only way to even prevent outsourcing would be to make it economically profitable within the US (IE scrap most of the regulations and lower minimal wage by a lot), or pass socialist laws preventing it. In other words, there is nothing that can be done about it.

  • Outsourcing does have a positive impact on the American economy, because of how it benefits the lower class.

    Outsourcing of jobs actually does good for America. The upper classes always seem to make money, regardless of how the economy goes. Corporate profits have remained high through the last few recessions, and these get to rich people through dividend stocks. Wage growth for the lowest classes is nonexistent. But, the ability to outsource things, especially food and manufacturing, allow retailers like Wal-Mart to actually improve the quality of life for poverty-stricken individuals, far more than the government or rest of the economy can.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • No, outsourcing has no positive impact on the U.S. economy, because it only drains wealth

    Outsourcing to Asia and other countries where labor is cheaper has become a trend, and it continues to grow worse. It has no positive impact on the economy, as it takes away jobs that Americans should have got in the first place. Americans get into huge debt to complete college, only to see that most of their jobs are slowly being shipped overseas so companies can make record profits. But those numbers don't mean anything to the common man. When Americans don't work good-paying jobs, it ultimately leads to becoming dependent on welfare, or work at a low-paying job. It could be explained better as the gradual transfer of wealth and skills to other countries, which only makes America poorer.

    Posted by: N4rrGet
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  • Yes, it will increase the speed of economy theory to collapse

    We have known by all time, something is wrong with the economy theory. Long ago worker fight for their right from being slaved, but with the brainwash of economic theory, they have lost their courage. So let it collapse, the faster it collapse the faster come a new system. Don't be foolish to think that no bloodshed will be needed in order to turn down the system. I'm waiting for the revolution.

  • Outsourcing hurts our nation

    Look at how many people are unemployed and living on the streets. If we keep outsourcing then where will people find jobs? Only the rich will survive, but without us regular citizens they won't survive much longer either. Its us people who buy the product and use the product. When resources dwindle, so does the economy, and in turn so does the people. We need a median met between these political problems. If we don't find a solution fast, then to put it bluntly, we will die from our mistakes.

  • Outsourcing is proven bad with the 89 million on dissability in this country

    I strongly disagree with outsourcing because of its negative impact on the economy, our unemployment rate, and our citizens, overall. Outsourcing, while a profitable endeavor for big business, realistically hurts our economy by removing manufacturing jobs, which tend to be well paid, also allows companies to evade their fair share of the tax burden. This is one of the causes of the tax increase on the top .7% of tax payers because they are the ones who provide jobs through small businesses. Small business accounts for the majority of job creation in this country, now. By moving jobs overseas or across the border, families are hit hard because there skills are no longer marketable when the main breadwinner is laid off through no fault of his or her own.
    It hurts schools and colleges because children miss out on educational opportunity. Of course consumers have less money to spend, and this also hurts small businesses and even big retailers like Costco and Wal-Mart. The taxes that the IRS does not collect on those companies reduce what the country has to fund its programs and ads to the economic downturn. These companies are throwing the very people who made them successful under the bus for the sake of bigger profits. Outsourcing is a fifty billion dollar industry. That fifty billion leaving our country is not only hurtful to the American economy, it hurts our workers.

  • Blue Collar America

    American jobs need to remain in America to keep the economy strong in this country. If the jobs are in a different country, then how would those jobs benefit Americans? If trickle down economics really works, then our economy would be good right now, but it isn't. Keep jobs here, and the economy will respond.

  • There is no better example of the trickle down theory.

    Bravo corporate America. You have proven the trickle down theory to be true. Unfortunatly, it's all the negatives. You make sure not to allow that money to trickle down. But the job loss, poverty, homelessness slip right through your fingers; aren't you quite the butter fingers? First you destroy the middle class by shipping factory work overseas, which accounted for a majority of middle class. So people now have to obtain a degree, at a substantial cost, to even make above min wage. But it wasnt good enough, now you take our educated positions and send those overseas or hand them out to those with work visas. So that leaves us with your pathetic minimum wage jobs, which can't even cover rent.

  • No, outsourcing is really bad for the U.S. economy.

    Jobs that can be done here are sent overseas. That's unfair for the Americans. We were born here, we deserve those jobs, not people that have nothing to do with this country. We can fix our economy, we just need to work together. Now nothing says "Made in America." We need to change that. Let's make everything here so we can be proud of our country we have worked for for years. The Chinese are making our stuff. Do we want them to keep on doing that or do we want to make our own stuff?

  • Outsourcing is having a negative effect on the American economy, as we are solving one problem, only by creating another problem.

    Outsourcing solves the problem of filling low-end, low-paying jobs with individuals from other countries. However, solving this problem creates another, perhaps even more dire, problem, with which we must contend with. We are adding to a rise in our own nations' unemployment rate. It seems like a better solution might be to create incentives for Americans to fill these jobs, rather than sending the employment across the borders.

    Posted by: GoodJerold49
  • Outsourcing is not having a positive impact on the American economy, because jobs are being sent overseas.

    Outsourcing has a negative impact on the American economy, because current workers are laid off. The loss of worker income negatively impacts the economy, since these unemployed workers cannot buy goods and services. Furthermore, there are hidden costs to outsourcing, which revolve around writing contracts and making certain that the work is properly done, maintaining confidentiality and security, where appropriate. When these are not done properly, it can further impact the economy negatively by producing bad publicity and causing the company's stock prices to tumble.

    Posted by: GlossyCyrus79
  • No, because outsourcing has actually helped to kill our economy.

    Outsourcing is one of the worst ideas that greedy corporate heads use to line their already fattened wallets. They want to make more money, so why not pay someone in another country to do the job for a fraction of the cost as hiring an American worker? Well, many have lost their jobs because of this, and these jobs are not always for telemarketers.

    Posted by: Nich0HeIPfuI
  • No, I disagree that outsourcing is having a positive impact on the American economy because the American jobless rate is extremely high and jobs that could be here are elsewhere, causing this jobless rate issue.

    I disagree that outsourcing is positive to the American economy because we are in a sorry state with the jobless and unemployment rates. If the jobs that are outsourced were here instead, more people would be working and our economy would not be in such bad shape right now. Imagine if all outsourced jobs were given back to Americans; we'd have a lot of happy people back at work, more money in our country and of course the economy. Outsourcing is hurting us. Even though it's cheaper, it's causing more harm than good.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • Outsourcing takes away employment from less skilled American workers.

    Outsourcing leads to higher unemployment rates and not only affects less skilled workers but also middle-class America. Companies benefit by paying lower tax and sub-par wages for jobs, which ends up cheating Americans out of work. They do this for a higher profit, but what they don't take into consideration is that more people today are below the poverty line which does not benefit the economy since it reduces consumer spending.

    Posted by: 5h4bbyHaIey

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