Is outsourcing jobs to other countries bad for America?

  • Yes, it just is. Accept it.

    Outsourcing- to obtain goods or services from an outside source. With that being said, and research being done, I cannot make a stand. But if I had to make a choice I’d say yes, outsourcing jobs to other countries might not be necessarily good for America. But there are major advantages and major disadvantages in outsourcing. Let me explain why:

    The United States believes in out sourcing, but some do not. Actually, many do not. The argument is, “Is outsourcing beneficial for the U.S. economy or is it not?” Some say yes and some say not. The United States outsource to simply cut back on costs because if the U.S. didn’t outsource the costs of goods and supplies would be higher- and they don’t want to pay it. Their way of thinking is, “Why pay more money for something when there is an alternative solution? This is business, no emotions involved.” Well think about this. Many people have lost their jobs to outsourcing because overseas they will take much less pay- and that the reason they outsource. It’s all about why pay more when, etc…

    This is not my only argument either, there are many other issues about it.

  • Americans need jobs

    The rate of homelessness is going up, and by outsourcing, companies are taking jobs away from people who otherwise may end up on the streets. This is bad for America because if the people don't have any jobs, they wont have any money to spend on the products that people are manufacturing in other places.

  • Billions in remittances to foreign countries NEVER benefit our economy through the basic multiplier effect of money.

    As an IT professional with a Computer Science degree, I have seen hundreds of fellow IT employees lose their jobs to outsourcing. Onshore and offshore workers are paid less and are actually less knowledgeable than those they replace in most instances. Monies paid to the H1B visa holders is sent offshore and thus our economy never benefits from the multiplier effect of that money being spent here in America. Corporations claim they can't find talent but I see otherwise as knowledgeable and experienced people are let go and replaced by less knowledgeable and cheaper foreign workers. This practice puts downward pressure on IT wages and discourages younger Americans from seeking IT jobs. An education in the STEM disciplines is losing attraction for younger workers as they can't secure jobs due to outsourcing.

  • America should not outsource any jobs to other countries including India.

    America was set up by forefathers to live by biblical principles. That includes in every aspect of life. Now in Deuteronomy chapter 24 and Leviticus chapter 19 the principles to follow during harvest is clearly mentioned. In other words the benefits of a local business should reach to the downtrodden in the local society. Thus each local business must incorporate people from the local community to help the welfare of the people in that community. For this reason, I never entertained any website orders from other countries. I want them to do it by the experts from that country. If any special expertise is required then the person can be employed from another country for a period of time and send back after the project.

  • 3 words: We need jobs.

    Some argue that outsourcing is a great cost-effective option for corporations, but at whose cost? Americans?!Not only does it create problems for Americans but also for these people working in foreign countries. Many are paid way below minimum wage and don’t deserve it. Children are working in unpleasant conditions in places like India, China, and Thailand. If we don’t support child labor here in the U.S why are we supporting it in these countries?

  • Outsourcing is affecting the American youths

    Many Americans are pissed off with the outsourcing process that’s going on for the last couple of decades. The companies that are outsourcing the jobs of American youths are in a way playing with millions of lives. It not just includes that youths who were losing out their bread and butter but the family associated with them. A saying goes: an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. The unemployed youths of America are resorting to drugs and many other anti-social activities in absence of job. Many a lives are wasted that could have been saved from obscurity and disorientation had they been provided with a suitable job.
    I’ve been looking for a way to mitigate these problems to see if I can manage the potential ‘cons’ mentioned in your article; the primary challenge I’m facing is trying to navigate the many hundreds of global call center options efficiently. I’ve come across outsource-consultants.Com as a possible brokerage option to connect me with an inbound call center that would fit the needs of my business – are you familiar with them? The American call centers would be far more efficient and effective in handling the jobs. The ease of doing business with a company here is worth of the higher cost than the shitty and cheap call centers in India or China.

  • Outsourcing drives down wages and makes it hard for Americans to secure high-paying jobs

    I'm a developer and have noticed job listings on indeed, Dice and other job boards that advertise positions that require at least 5yrs experience but that pays no more than $20/hr. No system administrator or developer with that experience level would take that. That employer is attempting to justify hiring cheap foreign labor. His concern is for himself, how much more of his profits he can keep for himself. It also cheapens our profession and makes being a software developer akin to flipping burgers, which is a classic minimum wage job. We go to college to learn our field at great cost only to find the work is either not there ,or,that it is worth less when we do at last find employment. I think our government has betrayed us for allowing this travesty to continue and also by alleging that it will some how boost our economy. How does that work? Who can afford the homes being built, the cars being produced, or enjoy the luxurious resorts if the high paying jobs are not there for citizens. The foreign laborer are off-shore and not spending their earnings here.

  • It Takes Away Jobs

    Outsourcing wipes out job opportunities for people here in America. Studies show that 3,320,213 jobs are being outsourced to other countries, thus preventing a lot of people from getting a chance at a decent salary and a good life. And this will decrease the percentage of people living well below the poverty line. And according to the U.S Census Bureau, 45 million people are living below the poverty line.

  • Very Bad for America's future

    It is very bad for America as there are thousands of young people they don't have job in this country. We should bring back all the jobs we outsourced to other countries. We American people should stop talking to people in other countries if American companies customer service centers are in other countries. God bless America!

  • I am against outsourcing!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes I am all for helping others but why not employ our own people and then help others! Our country needs as much help as it can get, we need to provide jobs for our people! It's not right what this country is doing. Stop outsourcing and lets help our people become financially stable!

  • Americans are not out of work!

    Americans are just lazy in SOME ways. If they want a job why not pay attention in school and go to actual college, not a community college, then get a job. There are lot of uneducated Americans that are looking for jobs. If you are uneducated most likely you are going to be working at McDonald's or Chick-fil-a. Also we don't have the right people and space to build factories or jobs. The U.S. is not in a depression right now because of the outsourcing of jobs. At least we have money coming in from somewhere. Now tell me this: why should get a job when all you do is care about your shoes or eat McDonalds everyday and waste money? On the other hand this guy in China needs to feed his family and has no money. America is known as the country that wastes the most money.

  • More profit, more jobs for Americans

    If outsourcing to foreign countries produces more profit for companies, they will hire more people for jobs in other fields. Would you rather toxins were manufactured in the United States or would you rather China manufacture the chemicals and U.S. gain profit from it? Sure, we may be laying off some people by outsourcing, but people are only looking at the short run. The long run is this: if we outsource, we get cheap working labor, and bring in more profit which will help the economy. If we don't outsource, we will be wasting money on manufacturing. Would you rather pay someone 8 dollars per hour or 3 dollars per hour? In fact, if we outsource, products will become cheaper and more affordable for the people. Our economy will rise. It's true, sending American jobs to China doesn't sound good, but it benefits our country. Outsourcing is the solution and it is definitely not bad for America.

  • May seem bad, but is actually good in the long term.

    For as long as we can produce goods more cheaply in other countries, we will most likely be doing so. This means there is no use in fighting outsourcing, we just need to realise what is happening because of it and grab that by the balls. Outsourcing is lowering our nationwide need for manufacturing workers, while increasing our need for more white collar/business workers. The people who generally lose jobs through outsourcing are those who have skills that people in other countries can easily obtain or already have. I don't believe outsourcing is good for those of us, but it just means that those jobs will not be needed in the near future nearly as much as they have been in the past with the industrial revolution and the beginning of manufacturing. We have moved on from those days to a much more service reliant society, and away from the production of goods.

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  • Outsourcing Jobs in America is not bad

    People have argued that outsourcing has caused unemployment, a stagnant economy, and a shrinking middle class (higher poverty rates). However, this may not be the case. Outsourcing in America creates more jobs overseas, now don't get me wrong. All the companies want to do is to make more profit by producing their goods in a third party company (other country) which will be sold cheaper in America. It also includes the shipping of Raw materials and finished goods. If we were to keep jobs in America and make our own, lets say Clothes for example. If America were to make their own clothes, because the cost of living and having to create their own material to make the clothes most textile industries would not make it because America is expensive compared to the Philippines, China, India, etc. Outsourcing is good for America because it increases more profit for these companies which keeps America's economy afloat.

  • Is it our job?

    We outsource to save money. America has a better economy than most countries. To us things in other countries will be inexpensive compared to our home. That means back home we lose the money that we could have gained. Then people say its our job to help other countries prosper. Why? Their country prospering is using child labor to make our supplies. How does that help them? It doesn't, but if they were made here without child labor we could gain a little.

  • Continue outsourcing in America

    All of you are misinformed, outsourcing, believe it or not, creates more jobs in America. Also, as a country, we insource much more than we outsource so there is no reason to not be pro outsourcing. Outsourcing only affects a yearly .2 percent of Americans and all of the jobs that are being outsourced are mainly jobs in the information technology industry and manufacturing, so all of the educated people with college degrees are not losing their jobs. The most that is happening to them due to outsourcing is that they are moving from one field to another within one firm.

  • 74% of Americans are idiots.

    Those 74% of Americans need to read up and think about why we should outsource. Do you know how expensive a lot of our products would be if we didn't outsource! Many Americans wouldn't be able to afford to buy these products and a lot of companies wouldn't exist or wouldn't be as big as they are.

  • If Americans want outsourcing to stop then they have to accept the conditions with keeping their jobs.

    These companies would not be forced to outsource if their employees took less pay for their jobs. The unions today expect entirely too much from their employers. Corporations are only focused on making as much profit as possible. I don't blame them because that's what they they're there for! We live in a capitalist society and if you can't conform to these qualities then you not be able to succeed. Capitalism doesn't give everybody the highest amount of salary possible, they give the highest amount of salary possible for these standards. The workers of the USA have to understand that they can keep their jobs by improving and honing their skill and accepting a lower amount pay. If you want to compete in the international job market, this is the only way to go.

  • What about the educated Americans who WERE displaced for work.

    You have a lot of uneducated Americans who refuse to go to school, yes. What about all the Americans who have a two year or a four year degree, that were displace because some foreigner who willingly works for pennies on the dollar. You cannot find work in the same field without having to spend every penny you've got to move to where your job goes to and even then you are worse off because now you know nobody and nothing. You are walking on eggshells just to figure out what you can and cannot do. Let alone the diet change, last I checked cows are sacred in India.

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