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  Overpopulation is impossible. We die. We reproduce to our needs and environment. As a popluation gain better health and education, in turn this provides work and wealth. Not only does this consume time and effort but it negates the 'need' to have children. The average family now has 2.2 children which is barely enough to keep the population stable as, again I reiterate, we, as a species, die. If we somehow live for eternity then I would say there would be a problem. But we don't so there isn't. Those who say "Yes" to this answer are highly uneducated. This worries me and should worry you, too.
ScooterMullin says2014-01-06T20:22:50.267
Overpopulation is possible. If every family in china started to have as many children as they wanted, then they wouldn't need their "One Family, One Child" law. Obviously we die and reproduce, the issue is families having too many children and not enough people dying. Also, other species on this planet suffer massive die-offs when their numbers exceed what nature can sustainably provide, we might be advanced or civilized, but we are still mammals, a species, the rules still apply to us. "The U.N. reports that today one in eight people in the world suffers chronic undernourishment. Almost without exception, they live in developing regions, where most of the planet's population growth continues apace. If family planning had been energetically promoted years ago, enormous suffering could have been avoided." The UN knows that overpopulation is an issue, 1/8 of the world's population is undernourished, there isn't enough food to help provide for the population. Saying that overpopulation is impossible is false, because it's already an issue.
solos says2014-01-07T00:32:16.990
For one thing, I disagree with you because overpopulation is most definitely possible. However, the main problem as to why overpopulation is such a global crisis is not necessarily the number of individuals per a square mile for instance, but the problems caused by having such a large number of people living in dense areas. The real problems are those such as global warming and the effects such as climate change, overuse of resources and energy, financial issues, world hunger, health and other such related problems. Although like you said, 2.2 children in the average family is barely enough to keep the population stable, the world itself is not ready to house such a great number of people. It is also estimated that at the current rate, population growth is expected to peak by 2050 and rise up to over 9 billion people. There are limited goods, resources, and finances and some families are just too unstable to have many children. Although humans repopulate and eventually pass away, there are too many unrenewable resources that we are consuming at unbelievably fast rates. Eventually, and quite soon, there won't be enough resources to use unless more people begin taking this problem more seriously. It is also very difficult to take averages across the world because overpopulation effects different areas in different ways. For instance the United States is not having an issue with land distribution, however there is a serious issue with resources and energy use. For instance, based on the information from US Energy Information Administration, in 2010, the US alone used up 19% of the world's total primary energy. Other countries are having serious issues with poverty and hunger because they are unable to grow enough food to accommodate their citizens. Saying that overpopulation is a very serious global issue is not an uneducated statement and if you look at a bigger picture, we can all see the potential effects that this as well as the next generation can face.
Wubba04 says2014-02-19T19:18:03.837
It's kind of upsetting how stupid your logic is.
artemis623 says2014-04-06T11:07:00.553
The problem however is that not enough people die to make up for the people who are born everyday. Especially now due to agricultural advancements and medical technology, we're saving people from what before was considered to be natural ways of death--in essence, we could be considered as cheating nature of death. Therefore, your argument is invalid and we are indeed stuck in a overpopulation crisis.
Genworth_1 says2014-06-29T16:41:04.987
Artemis623! I think the same thing! Here is what I wrote on another response and I think you'll agree! "I think that maybe modern medicine has enabled people who would have other wise died, let them live longer. As a result of this we're in a way removing the idea of survival of the fittest, therefore these people survive, reproduce and pass on genes that weren't meant to pass on. It sounds cruel I know, but I feel that this is the reason we have over population and that there are so many cancers and thing like that today."
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