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No, because I believe that the Earth is very capable of handling the human population.

  The Earth is a powerful organism that has great controls over all of nature. We are part of nature, and I believe that if we ever get to the point where the Earth cannot handle our population, then it will operate in a means necessary to get rid of some or all of us. We can see this in how quickly and easily the Earth is able to kill off many thousands of people by natural disaster in mere minutes.
Anonymous says2013-04-15T13:09:54.413
You do realize that the Earth is NOT an organism because it is not a living thing. Earth is merely a place where organisms may live and thrive. The Earth does not kill off people; natural disasters occur because of disturbances of tectonic plates, or distortions or the poles, or the carbon footprints left by MANKIND. Get your facts straight.
The Earth is not a living organism.
Humans are a main factor for global warming.
Your argument is invalid.
Wubba04 says2014-02-19T19:22:38.973
I hope you realize you just argued against yourself
pieces256 says2014-02-23T14:10:43.787
Hahaha..., regardless of the size of the human population? That is intelligent. Si just go ahead and breed like rats and if it gets us all killed, so be it :)
artemis623 says2014-04-04T13:52:35.250
So basically your hope is that when natural disasters happen, we should just let people die and not launch any rescue missions. When people get diseases, we should leave them to rot. This is a great solution to our issue. Why not? (note the heavy sarcasm please)
Genworth_1 says2014-06-29T16:38:42.993
I think that maybe modern medicine has enabled people who would have other wise died, let them live longer. As a result of this we're in a way removing the idea of survival of the fittest, therefore these people survive, reproduce and pass on genes that weren't meant to pass on. It sounds cruel I know, but I feel that this is the reason we have over population and that there are so many cancers and thing like that today.
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