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Plenty of land: here are the numbers.

  The United Kingdom alone has a population density of 661.9 per sq. Mile. If you took the entire population of the Earth and put them on North America, the population density would only be approximately 743 per sq. Mile, which is smaller than the population density of Hong Kong. I think I have said enough.
CSpeciale says2013-05-31T21:14:36.983
Except that my first statement is completely irrelevant to the rest of my post. I originally planned on using it as part of my argument--until i found hong kong. I meant to take this statement out, and forgot before i posted this opinion. I just wanted to clarify that that statement is completely irrelevant.
zkazmi says2013-09-11T14:03:19.387
I disagree with you that because there is lots of land overpopulation is not a threat. Yes there is plenty of land, but did you think of the fact that how much of this land we can live on. Most of the land that is left on the Earth are areas such as the Sahara desert. Most of the land left is areas where the environment is too hospitable for humans to live on.
Anonymous says2013-09-22T09:08:59.843
Lol, I think you have said enough.
justaguestuser says2013-10-08T16:09:56.730
Do you have any sources to back up that information?
Plastik says2013-12-02T14:50:26.860
Taking Hong Kong as an example puts you in great disadvantage, because Hong Kong has the second greatest population density on Earth. If you're saying that there is a lot of land on Earth, yes, there sure is still land, but are all the lands inhabitable by people?
sz123 says2014-01-04T17:20:28.663
Not all the land has same carrying capacity. For land like deserts and mountains are not easy to use for agriculture and industry. There is only 60 percent of land habitable in America. Also there are public amenities such as schools, hospitals, and parks that take part of the 60 percent land. Although the food and land seem to be enough for entire population on this planet, the resource is not evenly distributed to everyone. Rich people get more food and land than they need and poor people suffer hunger and homeless. Overpopulation, especially in poor and developing regions, is still a problem that lowers the standard of living.
Waise says2014-01-18T20:37:04.807
Yes there might be enough land, but are there enough resources maintain such a high population? The planets' resources are depleting at a vast pace, in a couple of decades we will have a rising issue of fresh water.

I believe there should be a law of some sort that limits the population of a country based on how big they are.
pieces256 says2014-02-23T14:30:05.237
You CSpeciale, should really take some time off and think global. Reading about overpopulation would not be a bad idea either. I always like referring to gold fish in a fish bowl, that certainly have more brains than you.
artemis623 says2014-04-04T13:37:56.650
First, the people above are correct in almost everything they say (i particularly enjoyed reading the one about goldfish). Second of all, the average apartment in HK costs 2000 USD to rent for a month, that's nearly double what it is in New York (one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in). Can you pay that much for an apartment per a month? Is one thing I'm wondering, here. Plus, Hong Kong can only support around 20% of its current population with the amount of food it produces, the rest must all be imported from Mainland China. If that's how the future of the world is going to look like--i'm sorry but you have failed in proving your point.
Genworth_1 says2014-06-29T16:24:51.983
You also have to look at the fact that we have limited resources such as oil, trees, food supply.
debator14 says2014-10-01T02:08:20.617
Oh yea sure, everyone will agree to come stand side by side to all "fit" in north America. Pure genius here guys, he found the solution to the arising problem of overpopulation. Glad he stopped himself at, "I think I have said enough."
Mike_Lynn says2015-05-15T05:44:43.927
Space is not the issue. Resources and the environment is the issue. If you live in a relatively unspoilt rural part of the world, its hard to imagine the impact of people on the planet. However, if you see what is happening to the South American or African rain forests, it is terrifying. If you take a walk on the beach in Bali, it's disgusting. If you see children with blank stares because they have no education and no future, its pathetic. This can only be changed by putting an almighty handbrake on population growth.
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