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No, there's plenty of land for all...

  Not at all. There have been plenty of studies that have proven we are not even close to global overpopulation. The amount of untapped resources is enough to sustain life for hundreds of years, barring any major catastrophic events. With the advancements of science and technology we will discover new ways to live and prosper, to ensure we have the resources and land we need for the future.
Anonymous says2013-03-07T19:14:51.683
Thats not really the point, your missing the more important picture. People, plants and animals are already suffering as a result of way to many people and not just that, now you want scientists to go and mess up more of the natural world searching for resources.
Anonymous says2013-04-15T13:12:42.157
Let's see your facts. CNN, LA Times, and other muckrakers have proven that there won't be enough resources to sustain us past 2050.
Anonymous says2013-07-26T20:24:10.677
Wow, hundreds of years. That's ok to you. The risk that everything could run out and modern civilization end in a few hundred years. Also, you don't get to assume science is magic and will fix everything. You should actually realign you world view with the fact that science and technology is probably plateauing. People have been projecting the gains of the 20th century into the 21st century and assuming we will have the same sort of change. That is very naive.
artemis623 says2014-04-04T13:50:26.477
I call this the hopeful sap. Yep, this is what the world is made up of. EVENTUALLY, we'll save ourselves... SOMEONE will save us... WE'LL COME UP WITH something. This is so hopeful. If everyone thought like this, we'd all be like Tim Cook. Unable to come up with anything but exponentially increasing the number of iphone (or in this case, people).
Dibre23145 says2020-12-11T12:49:46.570
Do you mean this earth is there just to sustain Humans while humans also keep on breeding like rats? I guess you're quite weak at foreseeing the damn future if humans keep on this breeding pace the world would end up like the movie Soylent green
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