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Overpopulation is not a global crisis since overpopulation is a myth.

  The belief that the world is overpopulated is a simple myth. There are many areas of the world that have little or no human habitation. The entire population of the world could be fit in a space significantly smaller than the United States of America. Even when you add the extra space required for growing food and other resources there is still plenty of global land mass that would stand fallow.
Anonymous says2013-04-19T17:48:18.103
U, my friend, are too stupid to realize that overpopulation is a myth.
pieces256 says2014-02-23T14:24:51.460
Hahaha, funny comment. I certainly agree, but still funny. I wonder what people like these would define as overpopulation, or maybe they argue that there is no such thing as overpopulation in existence, full stop, of any species, possibly.
artemis623 says2014-04-04T14:06:36.563
Hahahahahahaha. I'm dying. And you're still stupid. Obviously the entire population of the world could fit into a space significantly smaller than the United States of America. We'd all live in giant skyscrapers side by side with forty people to a room. Whatever. We're all still alive (If you haven't noticed the sarcasm, i'm disappointed).
artemis623 says2014-04-06T11:11:52.557
Okay fine, need a different argument from the obvious? (Read the above comments). Technically--many things are myths (to many different types of people). To me, Jesus Christ is a myth. The bible is full of myths. You, my friend will be a myth taught to my future children to teach them to be more openminded. But, if everything in the world is a myth then nothing can technically be a myth. Overpopulation is definitely not a myth unless you're part of the United Nations in which case you're just trying to avoid the truth.
Dibre23145 says2020-12-11T12:41:47.653
I wonder if this is a joke or people actually can be this retarded. You need to join the loony bin.
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