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I disagree, over breeding is not a global issue yet, because United States has plenty of untapped resources.

  Last time I looked the entire world could live comfortably within the borders of the State of Texas, and America provides 30% of the worlds food while only using 10% of it's available land for farming. So if we can house the whole world in Texas and feed it solely with the land in Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska, I don't think too many people are the problem. I think too many under educated, untrained people who are allowed to vote are the problem.
Anonymous says2013-03-12T02:53:33.670
Texas is undergoing water shortages, so clearly there are not enough resources there for the current population, never mind the entire world.
Anonymous says2013-04-10T14:09:22.383
Even if we uebthebunused resorces you are talking about we is them up a fast as we use the other resorces, there for making your statemnet incorret.
Anonymous says2013-04-12T05:18:29.120
Keep in mind the carbon footprint each person leaves behind, can the world really withhold more and more cars and carbon emissions from everyday activities each person requires to live a decent life
Anonymous says2013-05-30T08:42:11.403
Just where did you get your figures from? Your claim seems highly unlikely
Waise says2014-01-18T20:42:00.147
Oh your absolutely right. We should cultivate all the untapped resources for our own greed and wealth and maximize our population until we have to eat each other like rats.
Wubba04 says2014-02-19T19:15:15.933
God your stupid
artemis623 says2014-04-04T13:43:43.413
God. You're really stupid. Really, really stupid. You're stupidity. Oh my god. Brb. I just lost faith in humanity.

But, let's first just put aside your stupidity for a moment and focus on the fact that you're also really...Out of it? Since when could the entire world live comfortably within the borders of Texas? Was the last time you read a newspaper on the world census in the B.C.E.S? First. It's a desert. Enough said. No agriculture, no water, DEFINITELY NOT ENOUGH SPACE. IF PEOPLE CAN BARELY FIT INTO INDIA WHAT IN THE WORLD-- I can't anymore. You think that the problem is people are too undereducated, untrained, and allowed to vote? (side note, are you republican?) Sorry, I'm finding it sad that you do not believe yourself to be one of those people. Really sad.
Genworth_1 says2014-06-29T16:29:10.457
I find it hard to believe that we all would live comfortably in the state of Texas. Honestly, where did you get your information? Wikipedia?
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