• this needs to stop

    When teens act impulsively they must deal with the consequences, having a child is so much responsibility that many teens cannot take on. Adolescents under the age of eighteen should not be able to have babies. There not it the right financial stage nor ready to have such responsibility, they will suffer, there grandparents will suffer and most importantly the children will suffer

  • Overpopulation is a global crisis because there will be a struggle for food in the near future if the world gets too populated.

    I believe that overpopulation is indeed a global crisis. This is because as the world gets more populated, the food supply must increase to support the newborns. I think that once the world has reached its limits, the fittest will survive and the developing countries will fail to support their people with food, causing mass starvation all around. Overpopulation also causes less jobs to be available around the globe, and thus causes families to struggle hard and live on the streets.

    Posted by: N34rIyGaIv
  • YES unless we fix it.

    One immense issue having to do with the environment is overpopulation. There are approximately 490,000 babies born every day worldwide and increases every day because of the cycle it creates (more people, more babies). Since birth has been perfected by doctors and scientists and researchers amazingly have found many cures to sicknesses and diseases more people are living longer. Overpopulation affects the demand for materials. The planet is having an increasingly tough time getting by with the high demand for resources and materials. Because nearly 80 million people are added to the planet every year a healthy future does not look very good unless we change our demand for materials and materials that can be recycled. The higher demand for materials and food calls for more packaging and more use of land to grow crops or build factories which is eliminating rural areas.

  • Overpopulation is wrong

    In the cause of overpopulation is mainly because of all the babies born so I say stop having babies as often as we are. Overpopulation does mega damage to our economy such as pollution because of all the new factories made for making baby milk and all the artificial flavorings in food, it also means more ambulances built in factories.

  • Overpopulation is destroying the natural environment, exhausting resources, and putting societies at risk of collapse.

    For anyone who thinks the continuous growth of the human population on Earth is nothing to be concerned about, I suggest you read Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jare Diamond. The book reminds us that many advanced civilizations came before us, grew greatly in population and complexity, and then collapsed. Diamond identifies five factors that led to past collapses, the most significant being environmental damage and how a society responds to its environmental problems. In every case, the parallel growth of population and demand for natural resources led to environmental destruction. Today, we have a world population over 7 billion that has increased demand for food, water, fossil fuels, electricity, not to mention a vast array of non-essential products, to an extent that is mind boggling. Diamond points out that China, although still a developing nation, is growing wealthier and its population desires a firstworld standard of living. And yet, if over a billion people converted to first world rates of consumption the demand for resources would far surpass supply.. Nature will not be able to provide.

  • Peace is not possible with an overpopulated world

    Too many people means to many uncontrolled mess and chaos.
    The world cannot live in peace with overpopulation.
    It is better for this world to decrease the human population so it's more controllable and can live in peace. Like a fresh new start.
    An overpopulated world will simply destruct itself.

  • Supply and Demand

    If considered somewhat like a commodity, the supply of humans and their labor will cause wages to fall. The majority of the world's people cannot find jobs that pay a decent wage today. The increasing oversupply of workers in agriculture and industry is especially troublesome. Simplistic opposing arguments are typically related to the classic "more people increases demand for goods and services, which creates more jobs. However, if that idea were valid then we would not have nearly a billion people living in slums unable to earn more than a dollar a day.

  • Overpopulation why it sucks.

    Our world is way too over populated!!!!!! There are 5 people born and 2 people die every second!!! Overpopulation is something the government needs to think of and try to stop....Well people need to be more aware of how many people there are on the world..... I'm not saying to stop, just slow down.

  • Yes, overpopulation is a crisis.

    From global warming to famine and undernourishment, extinction of species and lastly the general quality of life, it should be pretty obvious to anyone that overpopulation is affecting everybody. People need to seriously reconsider their needs in regards to reproducing, and governments need to implement strong population policies that address this huge problem.

  • Overpopulation is the apocalypse of the future.

    Overpopulation is the apocalypse of the future. That is not to say that it is not a problem of outstanding proportions at the present time. The third world countries are already suffering from too little food and famine is the end result. The answer of too little food is being approached with food modification techniques which are not acceptable to a large percentage of the population. And certainly the methods to control population in some countries has failed and never legitimized.

  • Eugenic de-populators are evil murderers

    Who are the rulers to say who should live and who should die? Do they think they are God? The world has enough resources for EVEN MORE people, And modern tech makes that possible too. Modern tech SHOULD be used to supply for everyone. We have children and grandchildren that we LOVE. How dare you say that our families should die. Eugenics and de-population are what NAZIS do. De-population is EVIL and all the current eugenicists are paving a way to Hell. Hahaha.

  • Capitalism is the issue, NOT Overpopulation

    Overpopulation is a myth created to promote classism and eugenics focused specifically on third-world countries. Environmental damage is caused by greedy corporations, Not every-day human beings. The lack of food supply is created by inefficient allocation of resources and excess waste caused, Again, By large corporations. There is enough on the planet to sustain a growing population, And there is no need to create government policies centered around sterilization and/or sterilization - these policies will ALWAYS lead to the perpetuation of misogyny and the murder and hatred of female babies. Subsidies should be allocated to provide elderly citizens with adequate social security and benefits so they don't have to rely on their future children to survive and care for them.

  • Quality, Not quantity

    I don't think that overpopulation is a global problem, Like Japan with its issue of low birth rate. Why are we trying to suppress population while only a few can make changes, Those who are educated & well-trained. The earth can fulfill all humans needs, But not their excessive desires

  • It's not about quantity, It's about quality

    I don't think that overpopulation is a global issue, Like in Japan with its issue of low birth rate. Why are we trying to suppress population while only a few can make changes, And whom are educated and well-trained. The earth can fulfill all human needs, But cannot fulfill their desires.

  • I just isn't

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  • People make conditions

    Thousands of years ago, the ‘limit’ for people was 10 million. People made new conditions for them to live and ‘increased the limit’ to 10 billion, and now there are 8 billion people living. When the limit is reached, they will increase it again and again. There will never be too many people.

  • Population growth is a process in developing as a civilization.

    Developed countries tend to level or maintain population growth. This is because of many reasons, but i personally think when you are deciding how many kids to have based on how many you want to raise and not on how many hands you need to plow a feild or how limely they are to die of cholera you choose less kids. Then what of under developed countries? Well they are behind on the cycle. The population expands, this leads to a higher standard of living and they become a developed country. If we wanted to speed this process up and get rid of any threat of overpopultaion within the next couple decades, we could stop western corporations from building sweatshops in these and paying the people next to nothing while using their resources to raise the standard of living primarily in developed countries. Or we could even assist in creating the infrastructure necessary to support developmemt.

  • Overpopulation will solve itself.

    There is a four step process for a country to have a stable population. In the first, the living conditions are poor. Many people are born to compensate for a high mortality rate. The death rate is more or less equal. In the second stage, the living conditions are improved, but people have not yet stopped having a large amount of children. The population has begun to increase dramatically. In the third stage, people begin to start having less children, because fewer are dying. This leads to the fourth stage, where the general population is stable. This is where most countries currently are, and usually it takes a developing country 80 years to go from the first stage to the last. With help from developed countries, some countries such as Bangladesh have done it in as little as twenty years. The UN predicts the twelfth billion human will never be born.

  • No, overpopulation is not a global crisis.

    I think that overpopulation is not a global crisis because human are a social animal. They are much more developed than other species over the world. If there are more humans they will surely preserve other species over the world. NASA is also investing a lot of money to find life in Mars. By 2030 they guarantee to find life in Mars. After that people can live in mars as well and Population will start being stable. THANK YOU .

  • Over consumption is the problem.

    Over population is not a problem. Yes we are exhausting are natural resource but that is a problem of over consumption not over population. Pateto principle or the 80/20 rule says 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. This rule exist in population as well. Around the top 20% of people use around 80% of it's resources. This is a problem in a population growth of that top 20% or of other nation achieving this rate of consumption. The solution would be to develop more advanced technology and stop those 20% from using to much resource they do not even need. I recommend you research this topic so you can see both positions in more detail. Then feel free to explain to me why I am wrong. : )

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