• Global overpopulation is a serious problem that shall not be taken lightly!

    Overpopulation is a crisis because more people creates more problems. The environment becomes more polluted as we overpopulate the planet. As we over populate the global economy is more likely to collapse. Each generation gets dumber and dumber which adds fuel to the fire. As the world gets more overpopulated, Crime rates skyrocket. As the world gets overpopulated we are doomed to repeat history again, Because us human beings do not learn from our previous mistakes.

  • Food, Energy, Space, Health care and Law enforcement.

    Once overpopulation starts to become the theme of the world issue it'll soon become a crisis, Where food and energy will be the gold. Also crime will skyrocket due to unemployment. Earth isn't a goddamn unlimited resources maker, So at some point even that too will deplete. Countries which will remain stable will shut down immigration, They will totally isolate themselves from the outside world to avoid any inner-conflict.

  • Overpopulation is a global crisis

    As populations increase, We clear more land for agriculture and housing and we use more materials. As we clear land, We kill the animals that inhibited it and possibly lead them to extinction. As we need more materials we clear out even more land. With a bigger population more people leave a carbon footprint and large amounts of waste leading to huge global issues like global warming and pollution

  • Not enough land mas to support the food chain

    If it weren't for CFL's there would not be enough land to support the cattle and pork production in the US. If it weren't for GMO's there wouldn't be enough consistent production of other products en masse. In 3 years Africa will not produce enough food to sustain it's own population. By 2030 the world will be in trouble. We are the cause of global warming and everything else. . . .

  • Over Population, A Global Crisis

    As a student, I already am living in an area that is overpopulated. On the way to school, I always pass by people who lives in Poverty, The waterways are very filthy. The Air is already contaminated with large amount of used fuels and Loud sound produced by people. Inside the school, Students need to squeeze their way in and out of the crowed to get to their designated rooms.

    Over population is our main problem because, People who lives in poverty lacks education because schools are already packed with students, That leads to the lack of education for them. With the lack of education, People can't have a proper job because they lack education, Making them unable to accommodate the need of their family. Because of the lack of Education and Proper Job, Those people rely on Thievery, Selling drugs, Begging on the street corner or Selling Bottles. Because of the lack of Education, Their reckless and Clueless way will lead to unprotected sex which results to Over population seeing as they lack education AND does not have a job to buy Protection or Contraceptives.

  • Humankind is limited.

    1. We are already destroying the natural world. Rain forests, Animals.
    2. We are destroying our environment. Plastic waste in the Mariana Trench is a measure of how far we have gone is such a short period of time.
    3. Food and water in shorter supply.
    4 Humans living longer and reproducing faster as global population increases.
    5. Global warming is the result of global population activity.
    6. Limit population growth NOW. It may already be too late.

  • Overpopulation doesn't have to be a problem, But it is.

    If we place rabbits into a rich and abundant habitat without placing wolves and foxes there, The rabbits will start to produce uncontrollably and will overgraze their habitat without giving it time to renew.

    There are several signs that the current level of population ("overpopulation") is a problem:

    (a) depletion of fresh water resources (especially of ground water),

    (b) pollution and climate change;

    (c) overuse of other valuable resources: minerals, Oils, Metals, Etc;

    (d) decrease in the quality of food due to having to modify food; a lot of people have allergies towards GMOs, For example, To soy, Corn, Peanut, Bread, Etc.

    (e) now commercial farming products are full of antibiotics because there are so many people to feed and every cow counts;

    (f) cruel treatment of those same animals in commercial farms (by commercial farms I mean the farms where animals don't walk, Don't eat the food they would normally eat and where their calves are taken from mother as soon as they are born, Where the blood can be present in milk, Etc, Etc); animal extinctions;
    (g) loss of plant life or in other words deforestation for the sake of feeding families - people.

    These are just some of the signs that the current number of humans brings disharmony to the common Home of ours.

    Smaller number of people are always easier to organize than huge nations. Not impossible, Just much harder. Therefore, It is theoretically possible to live in harmony with the environment having this number of people. However, Since that is not the case in 2019, The current number of people (more than 7 bln), Call it overpopulation or whatever you want, Is a problem.

  • Yes, But not for much longer

    Humans are no different to any other biological culture. We reproduce to consume all available resources, Then endure a population crash. Look at any chart of population numbers over the last few centuries. There is no trend, Only an anomaly. That anomaly is overdue for a correction. The only questions are when will it start, How long will it take, And how deep will it go.

  • Population leads to crisis

    Increasing population is hindering developement and growth, With decrease in number of natural resources leave many of basic needs incomplete, Providing burden on national revenue and economic conditions. Political crisis can also be seen as political gain is related to formulated policies for uneducated and poors instead of providing them with the resources or facilitating them as human resources.

  • The Declining Existence

    First came the white man and the indigenous people lost their lands and were push to the fringe of existence. Then arose the white man's children and numerous sub species have lost their habitat and are being push to the brink of extinction. Only a moron is unable to see what awaits use as we turn the earth's resources to garbage in order to further economic growth and prosperity.

  • Eugenic de-populators are evil murderers

    Who are the rulers to say who should live and who should die? Do they think they are God? The world has enough resources for EVEN MORE people, And modern tech makes that possible too. Modern tech SHOULD be used to supply for everyone. We have children and grandchildren that we LOVE. How dare you say that our families should die. Eugenics and de-population are what NAZIS do. De-population is EVIL and all the current eugenicists are paving a way to Hell. Hahaha.

  • Capitalism is the issue, NOT Overpopulation

    Overpopulation is a myth created to promote classism and eugenics focused specifically on third-world countries. Environmental damage is caused by greedy corporations, Not every-day human beings. The lack of food supply is created by inefficient allocation of resources and excess waste caused, Again, By large corporations. There is enough on the planet to sustain a growing population, And there is no need to create government policies centered around sterilization and/or sterilization - these policies will ALWAYS lead to the perpetuation of misogyny and the murder and hatred of female babies. Subsidies should be allocated to provide elderly citizens with adequate social security and benefits so they don't have to rely on their future children to survive and care for them.

  • Quality, Not quantity

    I don't think that overpopulation is a global problem, Like Japan with its issue of low birth rate. Why are we trying to suppress population while only a few can make changes, Those who are educated & well-trained. The earth can fulfill all humans needs, But not their excessive desires

  • It's not about quantity, It's about quality

    I don't think that overpopulation is a global issue, Like in Japan with its issue of low birth rate. Why are we trying to suppress population while only a few can make changes, And whom are educated and well-trained. The earth can fulfill all human needs, But cannot fulfill their desires.

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  • People make conditions

    Thousands of years ago, the ‘limit’ for people was 10 million. People made new conditions for them to live and ‘increased the limit’ to 10 billion, and now there are 8 billion people living. When the limit is reached, they will increase it again and again. There will never be too many people.

  • Population growth is a process in developing as a civilization.

    Developed countries tend to level or maintain population growth. This is because of many reasons, but i personally think when you are deciding how many kids to have based on how many you want to raise and not on how many hands you need to plow a feild or how limely they are to die of cholera you choose less kids. Then what of under developed countries? Well they are behind on the cycle. The population expands, this leads to a higher standard of living and they become a developed country. If we wanted to speed this process up and get rid of any threat of overpopultaion within the next couple decades, we could stop western corporations from building sweatshops in these and paying the people next to nothing while using their resources to raise the standard of living primarily in developed countries. Or we could even assist in creating the infrastructure necessary to support developmemt.

  • Overpopulation will solve itself.

    There is a four step process for a country to have a stable population. In the first, the living conditions are poor. Many people are born to compensate for a high mortality rate. The death rate is more or less equal. In the second stage, the living conditions are improved, but people have not yet stopped having a large amount of children. The population has begun to increase dramatically. In the third stage, people begin to start having less children, because fewer are dying. This leads to the fourth stage, where the general population is stable. This is where most countries currently are, and usually it takes a developing country 80 years to go from the first stage to the last. With help from developed countries, some countries such as Bangladesh have done it in as little as twenty years. The UN predicts the twelfth billion human will never be born.

  • No, overpopulation is not a global crisis.

    I think that overpopulation is not a global crisis because human are a social animal. They are much more developed than other species over the world. If there are more humans they will surely preserve other species over the world. NASA is also investing a lot of money to find life in Mars. By 2030 they guarantee to find life in Mars. After that people can live in mars as well and Population will start being stable. THANK YOU .

  • Over consumption is the problem.

    Over population is not a problem. Yes we are exhausting are natural resource but that is a problem of over consumption not over population. Pateto principle or the 80/20 rule says 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. This rule exist in population as well. Around the top 20% of people use around 80% of it's resources. This is a problem in a population growth of that top 20% or of other nation achieving this rate of consumption. The solution would be to develop more advanced technology and stop those 20% from using to much resource they do not even need. I recommend you research this topic so you can see both positions in more detail. Then feel free to explain to me why I am wrong. : )

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