• this needs to stop

    When teens act impulsively they must deal with the consequences, having a child is so much responsibility that many teens cannot take on. Adolescents under the age of eighteen should not be able to have babies. There not it the right financial stage nor ready to have such responsibility, they will suffer, there grandparents will suffer and most importantly the children will suffer

  • YES unless we fix it.

    One immense issue having to do with the environment is overpopulation. There are approximately 490,000 babies born every day worldwide and increases every day because of the cycle it creates (more people, more babies). Since birth has been perfected by doctors and scientists and researchers amazingly have found many cures to sicknesses and diseases more people are living longer. Overpopulation affects the demand for materials. The planet is having an increasingly tough time getting by with the high demand for resources and materials. Because nearly 80 million people are added to the planet every year a healthy future does not look very good unless we change our demand for materials and materials that can be recycled. The higher demand for materials and food calls for more packaging and more use of land to grow crops or build factories which is eliminating rural areas.

  • Overpopulation is destroying the natural environment, exhausting resources, and putting societies at risk of collapse.

    For anyone who thinks the continuous growth of the human population on Earth is nothing to be concerned about, I suggest you read Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jare Diamond. The book reminds us that many advanced civilizations came before us, grew greatly in population and complexity, and then collapsed. Diamond identifies five factors that led to past collapses, the most significant being environmental damage and how a society responds to its environmental problems. In every case, the parallel growth of population and demand for natural resources led to environmental destruction. Today, we have a world population over 7 billion that has increased demand for food, water, fossil fuels, electricity, not to mention a vast array of non-essential products, to an extent that is mind boggling. Diamond points out that China, although still a developing nation, is growing wealthier and its population desires a firstworld standard of living. And yet, if over a billion people converted to first world rates of consumption the demand for resources would far surpass supply.. Nature will not be able to provide.

  • People > resources

    The first thing people refuting overpopulation think when presented with this argument is how there's plenty of land. This is a misunderstanding of the problem of overpopulation, as the issue doesn't lie with square footage, but with a lack of resources. The Earth doesn't have enough as it is to even feed everyone without help from genetically engineered crops. Statistics back this up three fold. Enough is enough.

  • Overpopulation #2 After Climate Change

    60% of arable farm land on the planet is over-stressed (that is, losing nutrients, losing top soil). 90% of farm land that is irrigated is done so from fossil aquifers that are not permitted time to recharge (this is on the order of decades for every year of draw down). 2/3 of the planet does not receive the nutrition that is required, and if it did, we'd require another 4 Earths to provide them (we're already using 3 Earths in farm land). If Overpopulation as a problem is to be eliminated then we must produce food in greenhouses (expensive) which means that the population must earn more in income (expensive) which means higher productivity (not possible with capitalism) and we must obtain resources from space (expensive). So the entire planet needs to earn considerably higher incomes than present to produce sufficient food in a sustainable way. Incidentally, I have a Ph.D. in Ecosystems Management from U of G.

  • Overpopulation is a global crisis because there will be a struggle for food in the near future if the world gets too populated.

    I believe that overpopulation is indeed a global crisis. This is because as the world gets more populated, the food supply must increase to support the newborns. I think that once the world has reached its limits, the fittest will survive and the developing countries will fail to support their people with food, causing mass starvation all around. Overpopulation also causes less jobs to be available around the globe, and thus causes families to struggle hard and live on the streets.

    Posted by: N34rIyGaIv
  • The less the Merrier

    I'm going to start of with a popular saying: "the more the merrier" now is that really true. Lets say that you have 100 people in your house would you be celebrating no you will be suffocating. The human population is ridiculous in japan they have people in train stations that pushes people in the train when they can barley fit in the door they latterly pack people in and you think New York's subways are bad. In other countries people have cars and their plates have ether an odd number or an even number and on some days only people with even numbers can drive their car and on the next day only the cars with odd numbers can drive. So I think over population is a global crisis.

  • The problem is not whether we fit or not on earth.

    Although we could all live in the state of Texas, the problem is the amount of resources available and how we consume them. There are not enough resources for the greed of man. While thousands die of hunger every day, others throw away food. While washing your car (30 minutes), over 120 children will die of thirst.

  • Peace is not possible with an overpopulated world

    Too many people means to many uncontrolled mess and chaos.
    The world cannot live in peace with overpopulation.
    It is better for this world to decrease the human population so it's more controllable and can live in peace. Like a fresh new start.
    An overpopulated world will simply destruct itself.

  • Overpopulation is definitely a crisis

    Although some people believe it is only a myth, the truth is that humans will need to continue to build homes and eventually we will run out of good places to live. Overpopulation is part of the cause of global warming, diseases, resource depletion and sometimes violence due to the need of space. It is a problem.

  • Plenty of land: here are the numbers.

    The United Kingdom alone has a population density of 661.9 per sq. Mile. If you took the entire population of the Earth and put them on North America, the population density would only be approximately 743 per sq. Mile, which is smaller than the population density of Hong Kong.

    I think I have said enough.

  • I disagree, over breeding is not a global issue yet, because United States has plenty of untapped resources.

    Last time I looked the entire world could live comfortably within the borders of the State of Texas, and America provides 30% of the worlds food while only using 10% of it's available land for farming. So if we can house the whole world in Texas and feed it solely with the land in Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska, I don't think too many people are the problem. I think too many under educated, untrained people who are allowed to vote are the problem.

    Posted by: EIvMd0gg
  • Overpopulation is not a global crisis since overpopulation is a myth.

    The belief that the world is overpopulated is a simple myth. There are many areas of the world that have little or no human habitation. The entire population of the world could be fit in a space significantly smaller than the United States of America. Even when you add the extra space required for growing food and other resources there is still plenty of global land mass that would stand fallow.

    Posted by: ElwBoardin
  • No, there's plenty of land for all...

    Not at all. There have been plenty of studies that have proven we are not even close to global overpopulation. The amount of untapped resources is enough to sustain life for hundreds of years, barring any major catastrophic events. With the advancements of science and technology we will discover new ways to live and prosper, to ensure we have the resources and land we need for the future.

  • No, because I believe that the Earth is very capable of handling the human population.

    The Earth is a powerful organism that has great controls over all of nature. We are part of nature, and I believe that if we ever get to the point where the Earth cannot handle our population, then it will operate in a means necessary to get rid of some or all of us. We can see this in how quickly and easily the Earth is able to kill off many thousands of people by natural disaster in mere minutes.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • It's a fact that...

    Overpopulation is impossible. We die. We reproduce to our needs and environment. As a popluation gain better health and education, in turn this provides work and wealth. Not only does this consume time and effort but it negates the 'need' to have children. The average family now has 2.2 children which is barely enough to keep the population stable as, again I reiterate, we, as a species, die. If we somehow live for eternity then I would say there would be a problem. But we don't so there isn't.
    Those who say "Yes" to this answer are highly uneducated. This worries me and should worry you, too.

  • Overcrowdedness is the issue

    If we were all to "spread out" this wouldn't be such an issue...Come on, the US alone uses 30% of the world's natural resources so its no surprise that China or India along with many other countries are suffering... We could all cut back and perhaps reuse, recycle and restore. We need to be a more sharing society and than overpopulation wouldn't be such a major hot topic.

  • Issue is distribution of resources, not overpopulation

    The earth does have its issues, due mainly to the lack of responsible use and protection of it by humans. The issue is not therefore of too many human beings, but the irresponsible use and distribution of the abundant available resources. How do we fix that? That's a moral and spiritual question. I believe if we submit to the Intelligent Designer/Creator, we would be more than blessed to welcome new beautiful humans on the earth.

  • Population decline

    On a macroscopic level world population growth has been in a steady decline for the past 50 years. On a local level, growth is basically an urban phenomenon with 67% of countries on the African continent accounting for a vast majority of the growth on a national level. The affulent countries of Europe and elsewhere are actually facing a population crisis as a result of low birth rates with all of the attendant social issues that threaten the social order. Overpopulation has been one of those enduring topics, that in spite of the evidence, tends to linger in the imagination...

  • Overpopulation means destruction of the earth.

    Population is growing means more requirements of land for agriculture and for homes,already we have destructed 65% of forest,and whatever has been left ,it will be also finished due to large population, and if forest disappear means pollution ,which results in global warming .Which simply means "life will not possible on earth."
    by - rupak sahi

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