Is Overpopulation a Myth? Or is it a Fact? Does Earth have too many people?

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  • Overpopulation isn't a myth, But also isn't something to be concerned about.

    Earth is bountiful and, As it happens, Has a large amount of room. Populations (in almost all species, But absolutely human societies) tend to have three phases of growth: 1) when people in an area are limited by available food or resources, Their population hits a roof. 2) when people have far more resources than their population can use up, Their population is free to expand, And often expands exponentially (in biology, This is called a J-curve, Because the growth, When charted, Looks like the J. ) And lastly, 3) when a population doesn't have enough resources to sustain its entire population.

    In the third scenario, Species often migrate. If migration is not an option, Many will starve. But this is nature's way of ensuring that there is no such thing as an "overpopulated" ecosystem; no matter what the cost, A species can never outlast it's pool of resources.

    Except humanity already has. Yes; with the rise of agriculture and more advanced technologies, We've moved past our natural environmental limits. If an area with a lot of people doesn't have enough food to feed its occupants, Food will be imported from elsewhere. Entire regions of continents (the Corn Belt of the USA) are devoted in industry solely to providing the world massive quantities of food through export. We actually have so much food these days that 30% of the world's foods are wasted (ie, Never eaten. )

    Humanity might one day, In the far-far-far future, Reach a point where our population can't grow as much. But that Earth will look nothing like it does today; you would have to have urban cities sprawling across entire continents, With very few tiny and barren gaps of nothing between them. Today, We still have lush forests, Canyons, Bustling ecosystems like the Amazon, Cities are still far in between, We still produce so much food that we can't even use it all, And we aren't even using all of the resources and technologies possible to produce the most our planet can offer.

    So, Earth is bountiful. When people or countries starve, It's not that there aren't enough resources (remember; 30% of the world's food is wasted yearly) but that governments aren't allocating it fairly. The problem isn't overpopulation, It's that some populations have more access to resources than others.

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