• Overpopulation is real without a doubt and beyond measures!!!!!!!!!!!

    Overpopulation for quite some time now has been occurring in the world and is affecting humanity. There was an English economist/demographer who lived in the 18th century by the name of Thomas Robert Malthus. He noticed that every country in the world has been through hunger, war and disease and it's inevitable because humans reproduce faster than food is grown. He even wrote a novel about this topic called An Essay On The Principal Of Population in 1798. Humans reproduce exponentially whereas agriculture grows arithmetically so therefore it's impossible for any society to escape hunger, war and disease. However, in today's world with genetically modified organisms technology and 3-D printing becoming more popular we might be able to solve the issue of global overpopulation once and for all. Karl Marx developed similar ideas in relation to Thomas Malthus in the field of economics. Marx stated that history is filled with haves, upper or middle-class people, and the have-nots, lower or working class, also known as the proletariat. Throughout history these two groups compete with each other for resources such as housing, food and education. The same ideas persist in Marx's and Malthus's ideas in relation to scarcity and limited resources. Economics is the study of scarcity as it's the main principle of this subject. It's sometimes referred to as 'the dismal science' because it studies a very sad and melancholic topic which is scarcity, having unlimited wants and needs in a world of limited resources. Every human being needs only six things to physically live every day which are water, oxygen, food, shelter, clothing and healthcare. The rest are all wants.

  • Overpopulation will be the destruction of humanity

    OVERPOPULATION IS REAL. All of you people who are saying were fine and oh the world can support all of us and more yo are wrong, blind and ignorant. Resent research has shown that the world can only support ant max without having food problem 10 billion people. There is only one earth this isn't a game Once we go through everything we're done no resets no nothing. Research has also proved that at the rate humans are going we would need three earth just to keep up. Its our problem that we made and it's up to us to fix it now.

  • I can't believe people are so freaking blind to this.

    Anyone who clicked the "No" button is, in my opinion just blind and self-absorbed. Why can't they see that humans have broken the balance?!?!
    Nature never intended for people to have so many babies. We are crowding out the other forms of life on this planet, AND THEY ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT IF NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN us ridiculous humans. I honestly just can't believe the people who DON'T think overpopulation is a huge problem. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP POPPING OUT THE BABIES. It's horrible! We are SLOWLY DESTROYING OURSELVES!

  • We will die

    Yes we will yes we will yesResources taken away Every single day the earth loses resources that one day might be everything we need to depend on.We need to figure out a system that balances the population.Conflicts and wars will start if we don't fix the probl we will yes we will Bee's dying out - Too many people, too many pollutants, bees and other insects are rapidly dying out. This could result in very serious consequences resulting in mass plant extinctions and thus, reduction in the levels of Oxygen in the atmosphere.
    Just some major world problems there...

  • Of course it is!

    While some people may argue that "technically" there is room for all, and that if resources were shared, everyone could be fed and have access to water.... This simply will NOT happen. It NEVER will. This relies on massive international co-operation and as countries mostly act in their own (or allies) [self] interest, this simply cannot and will not happen.

    However, that aside... Even if the world decided to co-operate, and suddenly there was food and water for everyone, overpopulation is just... Such a ridiculously large problem that I am astonished anyone clicked "No". Every major world problem can be traced back to overpopulation... EVERY single one. Let us, commence the list:
    Global Warming - Too many people, too many pollutants released into the atmosphere. I think we all know the consequences of this? Rising sea levels is just one of many.
    Global natural resource depletion - Too many people, massive overuse of oil, natural gas, coal and every other finite resource which will result in the world literally running out of its (majority used) non-renewable resource fuel.
    Bee's dying out - Too many people, too many pollutants, bees and other insects are rapidly dying out. This could result in very serious consequences resulting in mass plant extinctions and thus, reduction in the levels of Oxygen in the atmosphere.
    Just some major world problems there...

  • There's room now, but for how long

    Yeah, right now there is space and resources for everyone, it's just distributed poorly. What about when there is 10 billion or 12 billion or 20 billion or 40 billion. You want to know what happens then? We all die and a few thousand people that are rich beyond belief will be fat and lazy eating all of the food that we won't have. Then we all die. If we don't fix the problem, it will fix itself.

  • Resources taken away

    Every single day the earth loses resources that one day might be everything we need to depend on.We need to figure out a system that balances the population.Conflicts and wars will start if we don't fix the problem.Earth is not a matter of joke its what we humans depend on.

  • Overpopulation is a myth

    Every single family in this planet can have a house with a yard and fit into Texas. This is just a small part of the Earth, which means that we have enough land and space for even more than 7billion people to live in. A lot of people are trying to prove that we are overpopulated by giving examples of some urban overcrowded areas, which only happen in cities, not everywhere. This happens because people from lots of different places come, not because people are rapidly reproducing.

    People say we have too many people on Earth that food production cannot keep up. However, it is proved by the ‘Food and Agricultural Organization of United Nations’ and the ‘World Food Programme’, there is enough food for everyone in the world, but it is just distributed poorly and many people do not have access to it. But the technology these days had developed and we are now able to grow food on land that we didn’t even think it was possible. Agricultural experts believe that Africa could feed the whole world all by itself by using modern farming methods. The WFP listed the key causes of hunger, and they did not have overpopulation on the list.

    Poverty was already a problem where there were only a few people in the world. The population of poor people had actually decreased as population has grown. Human beings are not only consumers; we are also producers as well. The science proves that we get more and better access to the goods and services that they need as the population grows, since the people get better opportunity to have a better life in urban cities as the technology develops and the population increases.

    A population density map has so much more low density of population areas than areas than are very densely populated. About 70% of the Earth is oceans, about 9.5% are forests which basically makes only about 20% of the Earth a place that we are able to live in. But even within that area, if we are all together, with a house and a yard we only take up about the size of Texas, which is a very tiny corner of the entire world.

    And the modern technology is developing rapidly, that by the time we reach the population with a massive number, the technology would be improved that we might be able to live in oceans, forests or even outer space! Think about the past, the very old days where we didn’t have any spaceships, or didn’t even realize that we had the universe around us. Did we think or knew that we would be able to be like this these days? With rockets in the outer space, being able to travel to the moon and fly around? No. It is a possibility, a very high possibility that we would be able to live in more than about 20% of the Earth in the future.

    Posted by: syj
  • No, there is room for everybody.

    No, overpopulation is not a problem, because there are still many, many places in the world that are uninhabited. There is plenty of food in the world to feed everyone, it is just distributed poorly. There are very few people in most of the United States, such as in Montana, or Iowa. People who think we are overpopulated live in big cities.

  • No its not

    A few generations ago—in the US and other westernized countries anyway—families had far more children. This was an insurance policy. More kids died young back then, so having more of them ensured some would survive. Medicine improved, as did infrastructure and a whole lot of other things that stave off infant mortality, so birth rates fell as a result.

    However, not all countries have experienced this trend at the same time. Iran and Bangladesh are currently stabilizing, while many lower GDP nations are still a little way off. Over time, Kurzgesagt predicts things will even out everywhere and the exponential increase in population will begin to dip. This has been your obligatory piece of uplifting news to round out an unremittingly awful year.

    Fascism may be spreading throughout the western world, again, but at least populations will stabilize just in time for automation to make sure humanity’s dwindling numbers will fight over increasingly low-paying jobs with minimal protections. Capitalist oligarchs run businesses with profits higher than many countries. You’re probably being spied on by multiple parties, or having your data tracked as a result of an end-user license agreement you barely remember clicking through. Music and art are no longer viable careers. The internet is overrun by abusive trolls and fundamentalists. But hey, at least the cannibalism we’ll resort to will remain metaphorical.


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  • Our little corner of the universe offers a lot to us.

    Overpopulation is just something that a few people got scared about and made it public, while in actual fact, many places around the world are not inhabited but are still habitable. 47% of the USA is habitable but simply nobody lives there. There are plenty of places to live in the later years to come, maybe we might even live in Antarctica if it moved up a bit!

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