Is owning a Confederate flag considered being unpatriotic?

Asked by: TD_Cole
  • Support it if you like.

    While everyone should be free to fly the confederate battle flag on their own property, they should not expect to have it sanctioned on public property. Those who fought for the confederate cause fought with great valor for their community. The fact remains that they also fought against the American flag to defend racism and slavery. During the reconstruction period and on into the 1960’s it was a banner used by those opposed to equal rights and in support segregation. Today many groups with racist agendas associate with the confederate flag.

    So support the confederate flag if you will. Just remember what its historical causes have been and how it will be perceived.

  • Although it was adopted by the Confederacy and not made for, it is known to be believed as the rebel flag.

    It's only acknowledgement that I can see from this is that it is widely known as the "Rebel" flag because the biggest thing that had to do with this is that the Confederacy tried to succeed from the Union (as it was called in this time) declaring "Rebel" actions. These are actions that the South took for many reasons. This flag stands for Southern pride and being a rebel. Merely on this alone. Thus supporting succeeding from the United States. I think it's highly unpatriotic because it supports those who tried to start their own nation that was declared on land that was already established for the Union. Which would declare a war.

  • The south love their land and that's make them a patriot.

    Patriotism is a cultural attachment to one homeland, any person, rebel or government should not be labeled unpatriotic just because they had support the wrong side of the war. In case of the Confederacy, their intention was to preserve economy, way of living, and culture of their southern states which should made them especially patriotic by rebelling against the federation government for the sake of their homeland.

    Even if their action was against the state, so long as their intention remain pure to their homeland, they are a patriot. That should make anyone who displayed their flag to demonstrated the said value, a patriot too.

  • Its more patriotic as someone who's says its racist

    People own these flags to tell how proud they are to be to live in the south. I own one in the north it was the flag of another county we can fly Italy's flag Germany's flag and Canada's flag all flags of another country but why not the flag of the south I was also driving through York co, pa and there are so much people flying the flag of Dixie even thought its in the north they are supporting the south. STOP HATING

  • The South Represented the United States

    When the founding fathers created the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it was the grain with which this country was based on. In other words, it was the "unalienable" rights that this country was adopted to have. With the tensions of war brewing, the South clearly took the side of the Constitution, while the North was looking to suppress political dissent in an unacceptable move of tyranny. Over the course of the war, Lincoln broke over half of the ten rights and various articles in the Constitution. The North was fighting for Federal Power, while the South for State's Rights. If one is truly patriotic, he supports the South's moves and denounces Lincoln as a tyrant.

  • No, But It Depends On Why

    Some people like collecting historical artifacts, and like it or not, the confederacy is part of American history. Owning the flag and displaying it are two different things. African Americans will always think it's a symbol of racism, and it is. People do need to be sensitive to that, because they have a legitimate historical point.

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TD_Cole says2013-03-06T19:50:32.870
Should have been more clear about this. I men't unpatriotic towards the United States. Although it was implied I should of said it to be clear.