• Oxytocin is proving to be very positive

    According to scientific theories and suggestion, oxytocin is responsible for interactions between people. It has been linked to strengthening the bond between two people. These kinds of pairing are more important than most people may realize. Without coupling, a mother may not take care of a child, or a man and a woman may not have the sex required to create the child in the first place.

  • It's a positive hormone.

    What a weird question. But yes, Oxytocin is a positive hormone. It is a regulatory hormone of the brain. I guess if there was excess of this hormone, like with any other hormone, then it could become nefarious. The same way any neurotransmitter could be, or any hormone of any organ.

  • Used to Induce Labor

    Without the hormone oxytocin, the entire mammalian order of animals would go extinct. Oxytocin induces labor and signals the uterus that it's time for the baby to be born. The hormone is used to induce labor when doctors feel the baby has had enough incubation time. The lone down side is that the hormone is also used in abortive procedures.

  • It makes you happy.

    Yes, oxytocin is a positive hormone, because it is a hormone that makes a person feel happy. No hormone in too large of an amount can be good, but Oxytocin is generally positive, because it is what gives people a feeling of euphoria and happiness. It is positive and contributes to a feeling of peace and contentment.

  • Not all that good

    I think that this hormone is not all that good to take, and I think that it will end up having a whole lot of side effects if you take it a whole lot. I think that it would be a lot better if people did not take it at all.

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