• Heck yes !

    Imagine this. A country has strong guards who are protected all around it's country's borders and if anyone was to threaten to take over, they would be stopped. I can't predict the future obviously but I think this could work. Also, something like this may cost less than wars themselves.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe pacifism is a good policy. Pacifism is concerned with the opposition to violence and war. There are many examples of Pacifism in history, in governments, and in religion. I believe Pacifism has brought on some of the best movements in history. I love Pacifism because of it's association with peace.

  • Yes, pacifism is a good policy.

    Pacifism can be a good strategy most of the time, but when necessary, action must be taken place if pacifism does not work. It is always good for a government or individual to use pacifism as a first step, but it doesn't always work. That is why it is important that other options are available.

  • No more war

    Diplomacy is the best course of action. Discussion is the best avenue to end conflict. We can either choose to act like animals or we can take advantage of our consciousness to make the world a better place. We don't need to send out children to murder each other to solve problems.

  • No, pacifism is ineffective against warlike neighbors

    No, pacifism may work in a secure part of the world, but in areas of turmoil it is not an effective policy. If a country's goal is to keep its citizens safe, it must show that it will use a degree of force to protect them. Belligerent states and pacifist states may exist in certain regions of the world, but a country with a firm, defensive posture can successfully endure centuries of turmoil.

  • Bullies will never stop.

    No, pacifism is not a good policy, because a country that is intent on attacking will never give up. Pacifism only works if the countries involved do not believe that war is an option. If the other country will go to war but you won't, you are constantly giving things up until they take you over completely.

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