• Only Absolute Pacifism Will Work

    Pacifism has never failed. It has never been tried on a large scale. Human nature will have to change before it will ever be tried by many. Yet the fact remains that any other philosophy will inevitably lead to the destruction of the human race. Power over other people by force cannot result in anything other than oppression, eventually, even if the original motive was good.

  • Should Be Practiced More

    Pacifism should be practiced by more people around the world. If we had just 10 percent more pacifists, there would be fewer wars and less propensity to go to war. Humans have always had conflict. Overcoming those urges is part of the pacifist movement. The ideology is a sound one that could save lives if taken to new levels.

  • Goes against our nature

    Pacifism is great in theory, but it is ignoring human nature. We are designed to want more all the time. Some might call that greed but I think it is the natural way that we look to acquire resources for ourselves. I think the main thing is to not look at violence in a 'black and white' way. It is important to realise that, while there is often too much of it, it is often necassary. An example of the is World War 2. Hitler would not have been stopped by people refusing to fight. The only thing that stopped and defeated the Germans was industrial power and fighting back against them. Thanks to industrial power, the allies were able to win the war. I realise that if everyone was a pacifist, we wouldn't have to fight back in the first place. But like I said, we are territorial mammals and aquiring new resources is what we are designed to do, however unfortunate that may be

  • Its a good idea, but just not practical.

    It has a great intention, but the problem is, many people love to go to war and kill people. Sometimes you have to fight for what you believe in. If America was pacifist, we wouldn't be the free country we are today. It doesn't work in todays world. If everyone is a pacifist, then we have a solution. But in reality, there will always be bad people trying to harm others. There comes a point where fighting for your nation, or an ally is not only ok, but the right thing to do.

  • Too limited.

    Pacifism is a noble ideal, but it doesn't seem to work very well in a violent, chaotic world. The unfortunate reality is that pretty much everyone has some reason to become violent, even if that reason is simply self-defense. Even worse are the more ambiguous cases where each side of a conflict perceives the other as the aggressor; both sides may feel "justified" in fighting and it's difficult to convince people to stop fighting when they're convinced they've been wronged. As long as the world continues to contain so many problems and so many people willing to start and continue wars, pacifism is too idealistic and not realistic.

  • Pacifism is an ideal, not a reality

    Pacifism is an idealistic view. It would be great if everyone was a pacifist and got along. It would be great if we could solve our problems with words. Unfortunately, there are many people who focus on war as a first resort. It is important to be able to defend and protect your people. So while we should practice peace, we do need to be prepared in case of a violent attack.

  • Too unrealistic

    While the intent of pacifism is noble, it's not something that works in practice. While we're certainly a little too war happy as a planet right now, at a certain point you need to be able to defend yourself if you're pushed to a place you really, really don't want to be. Limiting conflict is great, but acting like it's possible to eliminate altogether is simply not going to happen and a waste of time to adopt as an ideology.

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