Is Pakistan a reliable ally to the United States?

  • Pakistan has done enough for US

    It's time US should show that it really cares for Pakistan
    how Many US factories are there in Pakistan
    how many energy plants put by US
    how much trade has grown
    What about its stance on political issues like Kashmir

    Actually it's time that US be declared a double gamer

  • What do you want from us?

    The fact should not be forgotten that Pakistan was the first country in Asia to support the American War on Terror. They have lost 50,000 civilian lives, more than 6,000 soldiers and $135 billion during the decade of War on Terror in Afghanistan and it's fall out in Pakistan. Yes, Osama bin Laden was found in Pakistan and that was a shameful intelligence breach but Americans are not perfect themselves. If you speak of 9/11 the world super power was bombed by a man sitting in a cave, more than 20 men allegedly hijack American planes and crash them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon...The CIA was asleep. I think Pakistan has done enough, and after all this if Americans do not realize it, then Pakistan is doing the right thing by backing off the shoulders of the United States.

  • Pakistan is not our ally

    Israel is our only legitimate ally in the middle east. Pakistan has illustrated to us that they do not care about our interests. They do not work with us and they do not pursue terrorists in their country. Furthermore, they shielded Osama Bin Laden from the United States government, which is blatantly an indication they are not our allies.

  • Two-faced

    While Pakistan has supposedly been a US ally, the ISI has been aiding all kinds of anti-American and terrorist causes. It was no so much a simple intelligence failure as a deliberate attempt to hide Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, supported by a strong anti-American faction within the Pakistani government. While I am sure there are Pakistanis who want to be a loyal US ally, there are also plenty who do not, and the country needs to get its house in order before it can truly be considered a reliable ally.

  • Pakistan is not a reliable ally to the United States

    Pakistan has displayed major inconsistencies in many of its international dealings, including a number of tense situations in dealing with the U.S. One of the latest reasons for the United States' mistrust of Pakistan is the belief by many that political and military officials did not fully cooperate with the U.S. in the search for Osama Bin Laden.

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