• Pakistan sponsors terrorism in the name of religion

    It is well established that Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism in the name of Islam. One of the worst affected is its responsible neighbor India from which Pakistan ceded in 1947 with colonial approval from the British. Ever since this partition Pakistan had pursued a path of violence and terrorism particularly aimed at India. Pakistan claims that Kashmir a border state in India should also be ceded to Pakistan as majority population in this region is Moslem. But, India has more Muslims than Pakistan does and hence the demand of Kashmir on religious basis is absurd. India continues to fight cross border terrorism alone while Pakistan has allied with cunning common neighbor China to carry out its nefarious activities against India. Hence, Pakistan has all qualities and credentials to be called as a Rogue Nation.

  • Brainwashing civilians in the name of religion for their political benefits

    Pakistan has radicalized half of its population into believing jihad is the need of the hour. All terror attacks in the world can be traced back to Pakistan directly or indirectly. Pak army trains the militants against their neighbouring armies. I hope world leaders take notice and put a end to this Pak sponsored terror across the globe.

  • Yes I support

    From the evidence available Pakistan is the leading cause of Terrorism and Terrorists world over are trained by the Pakistan Army, while they try to play the vicitim card. They are responsible in creating instability in Afghanistan, India, Iran, Bangla Desh and Nepali. They are also through their proxies ie Reteired Army Officers are also behind Rise of Islamic Radacalism in Europe, US and Canada. As a policy they believe in use of Non-state actors to spread Islamic terrorism in the World. It is also responisible for Nuclear Poliferation ie transfer of Nuclear Techonology to Libiya, Iran and North Korea and may transfer it to other unstable Islamic countries or Terrorist Organisations. The world has to call its bluff.

  • Uses terrorism as a state policy (since 1947)

    Pakistan has a history of using terrorism as a state policy. Nearly every major terrorist attack in the world can be traced back to the territory of Pakistan in one way or the other. Either the terrorist is born there or trained there or has been radicalized there. Scary part is that there are educated people who salivate on comparing themselves with the likes of Ghaznavi and want to kill others...A nation brainwashed in thinking they are superior and the protectors of a regressive, medieval notion of Islam. Couple that with nuclear weapons and you have the most dangerous country in the world. I'm amazed that it's been allowed to come to this point and world powers haven't figured out a way to stop them.

  • Rogue state and nuclear proliferator

    Pakistan is a nation born out of hatred. Pakistan has stolen nuclear secrets and it has proliferated them to other countries. On top of that it supports terrorism in all parts of the world. World leaders must find a way to tackle this menace and neutralize it once and for all.

  • Rogue nation and nuclear proliferator

    Pakistan is a nation born out of hatred. Pakistan has stolen nuclear secrets and it has proliferated them to other countries. On top of that it supports terrorism in all parts of the world. World leaders must find a way to tackle this menace and neutralize it once and for all.

  • Hate & Lies are grass rooted from childhood.

    From birth they have been taught that HINDUS, CHRISTIANS or Other Religions are trying to kill Muslims & all their text books and media is controlled by mentally sick army & politicians, by spreading and teaching false history and propaganda. Exporters of hate & terrorism. They are breeding the next generation terrorists, who will put at least few billions of population at risk.

  • Full of hatred and terrorism.

    Pakistan which was formed after partition from india in 1947.Since than pakistan has failed to devlope itself as country rather it became a rouge and failed democracy.Four times there have been martial law in pakistan.Four dictators which governed them.In 1971 they butchered thousand of bengalis in west pakistan which later became bangladesh.Pakistan had given shelter to one of most wanted osama bin laden who was mastermind of 9/11 in america's world trade centre.Not only this pakistan has been involved in 26/11 attacks in mumbai.They hide dawood in karachi which is wanted by many countries and is most wanted in interpol.Do you people know what pakistan teach in his school text books.If not google search you will be shocked full of hatred and distortion of history.Utter nonsense.The teach hatred about hindus,jews ,americans and west.So called islamic republic is now in the way to hell.They only gave terrorism to whole world.

  • A terrorist nation, it is.

    Has a secret Agenda. The Army wants it as a Rogue Nation, in their interest to keep the majority illiterate and backward so they can have a Moghul lifestyle. They let Madressas proliferate willingly. OBL and others have enjoyed safe houses with their knowledge and support. North Korea is less dangerous than Pakistan.

  • A Terrorist State

    Major terrorist organizations are thriving in Pakistan and their leadership is kept safe by the military establishment. Minority rights are non-existent and the state machinery looks the other way when atrocities are committed against them by the Islamists. The state openly promotes Wahabi doctrine of Islam in schools and within the legal system. Military rules the country with puppet parlimentarians.

  • Biased and illogical arguments

    Pakistan is paying a price of inclusion in others war. America and its allies have failed in their agenda of promoting their world order and therefore blame Pakistan. You must know who disturbed middle east, who supported Taliban in Afghanistan and which country's nukes are missing. You must also know who is responsible for upsetting power balance in South Asia and which country is violating human rights in worlds largest disputed territory Kashmir. Of course you will point towards India:whose nuclear program is one of less secured in world. Let me tell you an interesting fact Pakistan is leading contributor in UN peace keeping missions and Pakistan has lost more lives in this war against terror than any other country in the world. This baseless propaganda cultivated by media clearly show the motives of America and its allies. But let me made it clear Pakistan will continue its efforts towards its responsibility as a peace loving and responsible state in the world.

  • I USA a rogue nation?

    Pakistan is a country like every other one in the world. The real difference here is that it is being victim of negative propaganda coming from USA. Why, would you ask? It has resources USA wants, and is refusing its conditions when selling to them. USA has a history of imposing other nations their own conditions, and starting propaganda, and military, wars when their tantrums have no effect.

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