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  • I disagree that Pakistan is rules by dead men

    While I can understand that many people out there may think that the way Pakistan is ruled might be due in part to leaders who have come and gone in the past. I think that we need to look at the current establishment and see how they govern and see that they have some responsibility in the country as well.

  • Pakistan is Ruled by Legacy, but Not by the Dead

    Pakistan is definitely influenced by the voices of the past. Famous men through the history of the nation, some killed only recently, still have great influence over the people and policies of this nation. That said, it does not mean that the current government has no perspective and points of view on political matters. The nation is ruled by men, living men, who have the power to enact change. Negotiations with other nations have power, as do the currently living influences of the people. It is only excuses that would make a person claim that dead men rule Pakistan.

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