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  • Paladins came out before overwatch when it was released to the community.

    First off paladins came out September 16, 2016, when it was free to play with the community. But due to the fact that overwatch alpha was not released to the community. Overwatch though was released on May 24th of the year 2016. Though people do think that there copywriting since paladins happen's to still be in beta. Since Overwatch is yet a fully released game. But since that these game's act so similar since they are both fps games lets me state some difference's. In Paladins you can regenerate health. But in Overwatch, you have to find health packs to keep your hp up. Also in Paladins All of the hero's at least have above 1000 health maybe even a minimum of 800. As in for overwatch most characters only have up to 200 health or even 150, where the tanks have a max of 600 health.Also, the tanks in paladins usually have above 4000 health not all tanks but most. Still not enough well think about it why would to gaming companies have a competition against each other. Like if they were racing for the better game paladins would already be out of beta, don't you think. I mean I would try to get far ahead of updating the game if I was working for a game company and competing against another company's game. So there are my thoughts on Paladins vs Overwatch if you have more than me then pls respond.

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