• Yes Pandora is better

    Overall, I think that Pandora is better than Jango even though both offer great services for listeners to choose from. I like Pandora since you can choose your favorite songs and then let the device go from there in picking songs related to your interests'. There is also a wide variety with Pandora.

  • Yes, it is.

    I believe Pandora is better than Jango. Pandora tends to give me better options and more often figures out the type of music I like. Jango feels like it guesses randomly and suggest songs that were unrelated to what I was listening to. Also Pandora feels like a cleaner interface.

  • Jango offers a lot.

    I have never been too impressed with Pandora. Their music selection was small and the free tier had a low bit rate and sounded mushy. Jango has no audio ads, unlimited skips, and I like their hot indie station. As an added bonus their app runs fine on an old iPod touch 4th Gen without freezing. Pandora runs very slow on the same device.

  • Pandora is fairly annoying.

    While Pandora may have more variety, you only get 12 skips. Jango has infinite skips. Also, Pandora has annoying ads. Who ever thought it was a good idea to have ads interrupt your music?
    Jango has ads but it doesn't have sound and you can x out of them. Jango is also easier for me to use and it has a better song selection (a lot of them I've heard and loved) for me. It also chooses interesting artists for me to listen to that I otherwise wouldn't have ever heard of without Jango.

  • Pandora is not available in South Africa

    It gets incredibly frustrating to be told that a website or video is not available for my country. To find a site like Jango which allows South Africans such as myself to use is much appreciated, In the case that Pandora does become available to SA, I would most likely continue to use Jango out of loyalty

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