Is Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door the best paper mario game?

Asked by: bvc
  • Incredibly strong game

    It has an engaging story with wonderful characters, firstly. There are many surprising complexities and emotional moments, like Admiral Bobbery's story, TEC developing more emotions, and the story with Prince Mush, just to name a few. The story is surprisingly dark at times, but it develops into this naturally, having many dark undertones from the beginning that merely become more overt as the story progresses. It pulls off a more grim story without seeming edgy, something that's never easy to do.
    The characters are well developed even from the start and have interesting and funny dialogue, so much that it's very tempting to replay the game just to see all the different partner dialogues in the many interesting situations. The characters aren't all built on one trait: Goombette may at first appear just sassy, Vivian shy, or the Yoshi energetic, for a few examples, but they have much more depth than just the single characteristic listed, and many manage to make what would otherwise be stereotypical personalities feel full and well characterized.
    Playing the game itself is enjoyable, as it has a battle system that rewards focus and timing even more than in Paper Mario one and Legend of the Seven Stars, and the introduction of the counter system improved the battles further, as one could turn a hit that would've otherwise been fatal into damage for the enemy with the correct timing.
    The settings have so much character that it puts Seven Stars and even the first Paper Mario to shame, which is saying a lot. From the grimy and suspicious Rogueport to the gloomy Twilight Town or the showy, cheerful Glitzville, everywhere is distinct and memorable, with NPCs who are a joy to talk to, with their witty and often offbeat lines.
    The humor in this game is surprisingly varied for a game marketed at children, whether it's irreverent black comedy from the criminals of Rogueport, meta humor from the crows in Twilight Town, the goofy, relaxed nature of Petalburg and its....Interesting inhabitants, or just the X-nauts in general, with their over-the-top nature and surprisingly well-executed slapstick jokes.
    The art and character designs compliment all of this, having a simple cartoon appearance that is shockingly expressive, and backgrounds for the many locations are stylized so well that they hold up in this age.
    Overall, this game is a wonderful one, and the best of its series. It improves upon the already solid battle system of the first, and has a rich story like the third, but is its own entity, and a magnificent one at that. This game deserves the label of best in the series.

  • Best game ever

    One of the best games ever in the history of mario. I played mario bros and all but TTYD made me fall in-love. The game has amazing character development and it's a real damn upgrade from the original. The bosses, badges, characters, abilities, extras, side-missions were all outstanding. I really loved this game. IMO the best game ever, cod and battlefield didn't satisfy me. But paper mario did. I remember in 2010 when I was in Giant Tiger I picked up a random gamecube game. And it was paper mario. Never regretted this moment of my life. Best game ever. Would buy this game again. I played this game thrice and i aint bored of it. So amazing!

  • Of course It Is

    I`d say that Paper Mario TTYD is the greatest Paper Mario game yet. Do not get me wrong,the other ones are awesome,but I`ve even HEARD rumours about it being said to be the best Paper Mario game. For those who haven`t played it,I won`t tell you about the plot,but one thing I will tell you is that it is the Best Paper Mario game of them all.

    Posted by: bvc
  • Worst game ever made

    Bosses are so easy except the shadow bitch she kills gamers who try to beat her and lose to her what sleeps behind the door I will tell you it is a demon who will always beat us and kill us over so called great game The game is BULLSHIT

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