• So everyone is judged?

    Wow, what a shock in this debate. I assume your great great ancestors where judged and was given a privilege before all of you were born. It is so obvious having a child is a right! However, there are laws, and there should be laws to protect children from neglect and abuse. Is your life a right or a privilege? If you answer a privilege than anyone can take your life away for not having the ability to live it correctly and meaningful. Sounds absurd doesn't it?! Geez, when is the parenting book at barns and noble going to be law and enforced and which one of the hundreds of those books will it be? We all have a right to live, breed freely, which is the result of being a parent just as any other living organism on this planet. Calling it a privilege is about as absurd as telling others who they can mate with IF they are even granted this privilege.

  • Are you kidding me?

    I can't believe you guys. Do you guys think that a person that doesn't have children deserve to die? That a factor of the measuring in a human being involves wether or not (s)he has children? That a person that doesn't have children is a loser? Because that's what it seems like. If you guys were 12, I would be maturer than all of you. I don't laugh at puberty class, I don't laugh at child jokes, I laugh at adult jokes. I watch adult T.V. shows, I hate when people refer to me as a kid, I am mature. I just don't want kids because I don't like kids. Is that a problem? And also, life is not about having kids. There's a lot more to life than having kids, if life was all about kids, every family would have hundreds of kids, moron.

  • Its a privilege

    Parenthood in not a right but a privilege. People thinking that they have a right to be a parent is what is wrong with today's world. People think that just because they can breathe, that means they can have a kid. These people almost never raise a good productive kid.

  • No, parenthood is definitely a privilege.

    No, parenthood is definitely not a right. While just about anyone can have a child, this doesn't mean that the person has a right to keep the child. The local government can get involved in order to remove parental privileges if someone is not properly taking care of his or her children, which is why the foster care system exists.

  • No, parenthood is not a right.

    While people are allowed to have kids, the ability to be a parent is not something that is a right. If a person proves to be an unfit parent, the government and law can definitely take way their ability to be a parent to their kids. I think people should know the difference.

  • A good thing

    I think that parenthood would be considered a privilege. You get the joy of raising your own offspring, and passing on your genes to the next generation to make sure that your family continues on, which is really the whole reason why any of us are here on earth today.

  • No, parenthood is not a right.

    I see parenthood as a privilege. Conception can be easily achieved, from animals to humans, but conception does not automatically bestow parenting skills. Having a child is a lifelong responsibility that frequently requires sacrifices. Not all people are mature enough to accept this. Raising a child, loving it, and watching it become an adult is definitely a privilege.

  • Privilege. Not because of morals, but because of the demands of modern society

    I feel parenthood should most definitely be a privilege. We are not barbarians, nor are we wild animals. Humans forfeit the 'right' to freely have children whenever and in the quantities they want the second they started working together for the 'greater good of all humans equally and the greater good of the future' So we need to think intellectually. In a perfect world a child born to a drug addict would somehow gain access to programs he/she would need to grow into a productive human. This is not the case, with 7 billion humans and counting we simply do not have TIME to run around making sure each and every person has fair access to everything. Not to mention the mental capacity: study after study after study has found one human can only have so many 'friends' or 'important persons' in their life. Not that we're bad. Our brains just, can't handle it ! Which just pushes generalizing and stereotypes. (super dangerous!) I find people who see life as a 'right' also feel that one human life can be weighted as worth much more then another, based on geographical location ALONE. So while you fight for a drug-addict's 'child bearing rights' who most likely will neglect their child, but a person who does not have FOOD in a third world country, well just fuck them eh? If humans wish to live in a modern world where people use laws and rights to enforce peace and happiness for all we cannot just have 'life' popping out willy-nilly like we did 'back in the day'. So maybe before modern human society it was a right, but now that we have agreed to work together for the better of all and the future, humans need to be a bit more responsible on that front. As life is precious, its not just 'nothing' or 'some little thing'. Its a big deal. And one human can have a huuuuge impact in the world around him or her. Responsible breeding is going to be the only way humanity will survive (which sadly may never happen as humans are still animals, and no matter the law rule or what have you people will break the rules/have them twisted to make their lives easier etc.. Humanity is not yet smart enough as a whole to see that uniformly, and the benefits it has) If humans what individuality, we need less individuals.... The more individuals in a group the less individuality which can be expressed without catastrophe. Current 1st world lifestyles reflect a world filled with less humans. If we all just treat breeding as a 'right' the planet and our species is doomed.

  • If we let this be a right, it will be humanity's downfall.

    Due to the exponential growth of human population, there has to be restrictions on birth rates. That would mean no more than one child per person. However, with the possibility of anti aging technology becoming very real, we need to acknowledge the possibility that many people could effectively live for an indefinite period of time. If this is true, it could take centuries before someone is allowed to have a child (on average each person would have 1 child if a child is birthed for every death). It is a small price to pay for indefinite life spans.

    If it is not a part of our culture to have children, I feel it is possible not many people would miss it.

  • Children Cause Generational Poverty

    As someone who has grown up poor, I can say 100% that kids are a privilege. It takes a completely stable (financially, mentally, emotionally) adult to raise a child. People who believe children are a "right" are what's wrong with this world and why irresponsible people are still birthing children into this world without considering the cost of having a child and how well off that child will be based on their current circumstances. If you can't take care of your child properly, you shouldn't be able to have one. Simple.

  • Definitely a privilege

    You want to have your genes and bloodline continues and therefore increase the human's carbon food print to the earth. How is that a right? Lots of people argue the society needs children for the future. Sure, tons of orphans you can adopt and nurture for the future of the society!

  • The Late George Carlin would tell you...We don't have rights!

    There are so many unfit "parents" on this planet who should not be allowed to procreate. The negative cycle of these people who keep breeding, living off the system, and worsening our overpopulated planet is sickening. All these young guys who impregnate dozens of young women, cannot teach, nor raise children to be a positive contribution to society; there are chances of accidental incest when these children grow up and become (unknowingly) involved with their half-siblings!

    No way in hell, is parenting a right!

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