• Is it required

    By every person no... But if you decide to have kids... Or have sex for that matter be prepared to have children. The bible doesn't say "you must have children" but it does command to not be sexually immoral "sex before marriage" and when you do have sex I beleive you are obliged to take care of the child if need be.

  • Not to me it isn't

    Parenthood is a powerful social and cultural expectation, but it is not mandatory. I think most of society treats parenthood as an obligation and those who voluntarily decide to remain childless are sometimes labeled as "lazy" and "self-centered". Being a parent means having to give up your life and dedicating yourself to raising your offspring, and not everybody is motivated to make that sacrifice.

  • Parenthood is just a social standard.

    Parenthood is just another ridiculous social standard but its not obligatory. The idea some people have that parenthood is actually very harmful to those who don't want that lifestyle. People should respect the choices of others and not stigmatize them for their personal choices that affect their lives in big ways.

  • No its not

    There are a variety of reasons a person may choose not to have children in this society (or world). As with anything actions have consequences and some of the consequences of being a parent are consequences some people have thought about and do not want to take. Really it should be a non issue as the world is already in trouble with so many people living on it so should we really care if some people don't have kids.

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