• There are treatments, but no cure yet

    My grandfather has Parkinson's right now and he is reaching the final stages of it. He was still working mowing lawns, walking by himself, and driving at age 73 but at age 75 two years later he basically lives on a recliner watching baseball all day, unable to move or make complex thoughts. The doctors give him no more than a year or two left. He has always had a strong desire to live and has done practically every affordable method to keep him going, but there is only one exit from Parkinson's and that is death. Though it may have a cure in a the near or distant future, at the moment there is nothing that can stop it.

  • It destroys lives.

    Yes, Parkinson's Disease is an unmanageable problem in the United States, because the people who have it suffer a great deal. So many lives have been cut short, and quality of life has been reduced because of Parkinson's. These people also often have a hard time with severe depression. It is a sad situation and we do not have a cure.

  • No I disagree

    I think that people who search out help and resources can find that they can manage Parkinson's. They can find places to help them cope, and they can probably find medications to help ease the symptoms that they are dealing with. It just depends on where you look and how hard you try to find assistance.

  • No, in the US many alternatives are available to people with Parkinson's disease

    People with Parkinson ’s disease find many helpful programs
    in the US, especially now that Obamacare makes healthcare more affordable.
    Parkinson’s is a debilitating and progressive disease, one that poses serious challenges
    to anyone who has it, no matter where they live. In the United States though,
    patients can easily find programs to help them cope, as well as countless
    experimental studies aimed at ultimately finding a lasting cure.

  • Parkinson's Disease Is Manageable But Challenging

    Dealing with Parkinson's Disease is difficult, but it's not unmanageable. The disease poses challenges that other diseases don't offer today. More research is necessary in order to tackle the disease and produce better treatments. For now, we understand relatively little about Parkinson's as far as treatments are concerned, which is the main problem.

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