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    https://theconversation. Com/parliamentary-systems-do-better-economically-than-presidential-ones-111468 This site made some very good points about Parliament being better than presidency. Since I don't know what to write, I'll just let NLE Choppa tell you how he don't need no help:
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    Posted by: DB2
  • Apparently, Checks and balances are an outlier.

    I've read that article as a US citizen, And I've been wondering how the hell a parliament separates the powers of executive and legislative better than a president with only executive powers. Then I read that the US was a f***ing outlier. To quote, "Our results suggest that the reason why the US still experiences relatively good economic outcomes with a presidential regime is due to the checks and balances its constitution puts in place that ensure a separation of powers between the legislative, Executive and judicial arms of government. "

    That means that a presidential regime can work if the constitution is strong enough and taken seriously, And if said constitution separates the executive, Legislative, And judiciary powers. I also realized that a presidential regime doesn't exactly mean that there's a separate legislative working alongside (or against) the individual. I will admit that I'm pretty much ignorant on the political workings of most nations, Especially given that it's not a subject that comes up often (Americans don't tend to talk about the UK parliament outside of maybe a Brexit joke, And I don't think most countries talk about the US political system either, Outside of maybe the president calling a drone strike or being Trump). However, When an exception comes to a rule while fitting other rules, It may be wise to re-evaluate if the rule is necessarily true.

    TL;DR Montesquieu was right, Separation of Powers is god.

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