• Yes: Passion is Important in Marriage

    Passion can mean different things. Such passion may not be related to romance, but may also be about a passion for a shared interest or for one's children. Some level of deep connection and interest is needed to keep a relationship functional in the long term. A lack of passion at any level creates distance and leads to disinterest in the relationship.

  • If you don't have it you will find it else where

    IF you don't have passion and emotional connection in a marriage people will go out and find it else where. This doesn't mean that infidelity will be rampant but there will be a definite separation/ gap between the two individuals. Without passion it is hard to maintain the emotional bound in a marriage and that will cause issues later in the marriage whether that be infidelity or seclusion from each other.

  • Yes, without passion, there is no spark.

    I believe passion is extremely important in a marriage. I believe passion is the precursor that leads married people to form the deep bonds that allow them to become friends and life long partners. Without passion, I do not believe a marriage will be capable of lasting more than a couple of years.

  • Yes, passion is important in a marriage.

    I definitely believe that passion is important in a marriage. If a marriage does not have any type of passion, then it will most likely fail. I think it is important that couples in a marriage have some kind of strong feeling towards the relationship. If they don't, then there is no way it will succeed.

  • A Piece of the Puzzle

    I believe passion is an important thing in a marriage, but it is only one part of many. Relationships take a lot of care and time and understanding. Many people are not capable of caring about another person enough to make a relationship work. Passion is important, but not the only ingredient.

  • Passion isn’t sustainable...

    Passion isn’t sustainable. I’ve been married 20 years to my best friend. We’ve had good years and bad years. We respect each other and know that no matter what happens we love and have each other. That exciting, sexual, dependent on the other person sensation disappeared on the 5-10 year mark and it was replaced with something better. It took a lot of work to get to that point but I’ve found people who believe in passion usually end up divorced. Marriage is about respect and commitment.

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