• Mentally ill or just criminals

    In that being manipulative, narcissistic and perpetrating criminal behaviours without remorse or empathy is generally referred to as the mental illness of psychopathology (or sociopathology), then Pat Robertson is indeed mentally ill. While most televangelists don’t own gold mines in Liberian and diamond mines in Zaire as Pat does, many do rather well for themselves by fleecing the sheep. Creflo Dollar has an estimated net worth of $27 Million, Eddie Lee Long $5 Million, Israeli televangelist “Benny” Hinn” is worth $42 Million, Billy Graham’s net worth is $25 Million and the money laundering Nigeria Reverend Chris Oyakhilome is worth $50 million -- the list goes on. Religion for all too many televangelists is big business, and but for the special exemptions for religion under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, these big businesses would fall under the Federal Statute met to control Organized Crime, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO Act).

  • An "Imaginary Friend"

    Having an “Imaginary Friend” at age 8 may be normal, having one that you talk to (and that talks back and gives you and only you secret instructions) when an adult is clear evidence of a severe psychosis. That this “Imaginary Friend” is a religious figure does nothing to mitigate or justify this abnormal behavior, a resurrected religious figure and a zombie share one all important characteristic – their both imaginary.

  • Yes

    Pat Robertson suffers from visual and auditory hallucinations. He is under the delusion that some cosmic being is communicating with him personally. This being is all knowing and all powerful, but somehow it still managed to give Pat Robertson the incorrect winner of the 2012 elections. As for treatment, I recommend a heavy dose of logic and some relaxation tapes.

  • Believes he is successor to god.

    Pat Robertson is definitely mentally ill. He constantly preaches about himself and believes he is an actual successor to God. He places himself on top of society and answers to no one except "God." Someone who really believes that he is above humanity is mentally ill. How can you preach about speaking to God, but act so unholy? Pat Robertson needs to see a doctor.

  • Yes!

    He genuinely believes he is speaking to god, and he genuinely believes he is above the rest of humanity. He blasts anyone who goes against the teachings of Christ, but then he happily accepts money from others, lives a rich life, and does no good for humanity. I think all of the people on that show have something wrong with them.

  • He has a stong spiritual/political belief

    I think it might depend on who you ask if any one is mentally ill. I think maybe he is a little off. I think he is a very powerful man who has a lot of strong believes that want to heard. He is very political and religious man and wants everyone to see things his way. I'm just glad not everyone is like him because he sure does believe in some strange things.

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