• Depends on what you define as a patriarchy

    You probably mean like only men should vote?

    I believe that would be better than a matriarchy, as matriarchal societies tend not to develop any further than they already have once women rule.

    I also am not in favor of sex-egalitarian citizenship.
    Look at it now, we have bloated welfare states, broken families, lots of single mother homes (which correlates with increased criminality).

    Personally i don't think women should vote, but i also don't think all men should vote.
    I'd prefer voting right only going to married fathers, as they inherently have a vested interest in the future of a nation.
    With the voting age set at age 30.

  • No ruling system that defines rulership by arbitrary things like gender can really be the best

    If you are defining who has to be the leader of your group by things they were born into, whether it be race, gender, financial status, religion, etc, you are doing it wrong.

    Why not aptitude, intelligence, education, experience, proven solid value base and leadership ability?

    Why would you impose such an arbitrary rule? What purpose does it serve? To support an idea like this you would have to make a case that, for whatever reason, men always make better leaders than women. It would also be hard to call your country a free country.

    Can't we judge people by the content of their character?

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