• Patriotism is a nuanced topic.

    In one light It can come off as brash or jingoistic. Yet if no one had an adoration for their country it wouldn't be a country, just an easily exploitable landmass. When all is said and done however, the modern patriot is easy to manipulate and, just like love, it can have a hidden undercurrent of political or racist ideals

  • Yes the death penalty is justified.

    I believe that the death penalty is justified. The reason I believe this is because, the amount of money that we pay to keep a person in jail is way more than we should be using. The money spent there could be used for better purposes. The use of the death penalty makes us use less money, overall, and makes the earth a better place over all. I believe that the people sentenced to the death penalty, deserve to be killed and by the state/government doing so, they rid the earth of people who obviously don't want to be and don't deserve to be on the earth any longer.

  • It's not impossible for it to become bad though.

    Patriotism is good. It's loving your country. However it can become nationalism, worship, and an excuse to do bad things. Nationalism is racism, don't confuse it with patriotism. Patriotism is good, patriotism is good, patriotism is good. (MUST ADD MORE WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS :P)

  • Patriotism is not a bad thing.

    It is natural for citizens to be proud of their country, its culture and history. Although sometimes people can commit crimes in the name of patriotism, people have used all kinds of reasons to justify misconduct. Patriotism is natural, and a lot of good can come from it, despite the bad.

  • It Is A Good Thing

    There is nothing wrong with being proud and loving the country where you come from. While we may not like what our leaders do for our country a lot of times. We just need to remember they do not make up the whole country. We also need to understand people use patriotism in false ways to get their agenda across. Other than that, patriotism is good.

  • No, patriotism is not a bad thing.

    I think that patriotism is a good thing. A person being proud of the country they come from and live in is an attitude all of us should have. We need to appreciate what we have as American for example. I think that there is way too many cynics out there that think patriotism creates mindless robots. I however think that patriotism creates a closer community.

  • Not at all

    No, patriotism is one of the best things in the world. There is nothing wrong with being a patriot to your country, and believing strongly for your country, so much so that you would lay your life down to try to stop someone from taking away your country from you.

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