• Yes, absolutely with out a doubt!

    It's impossible to make the argument that patriotism stems directly from fear. The forming of a nation in itself is an act of fear. Patriotism is an absurd emotional response to one's fear of being viewed as inferior to another nation. There is no place where this cowardice is more noticeable than in American politics. The undereducated voting block for the republican party is highly motivated to vote because of their fear, which their preferred media outlets create. They vote out of cowardice and call it patriotism.

  • National Pride is not cowardice

    Its impossible to call pride in one's nation, in one's traditions, and in one's people a form of cowardice. Patriotism is national pride; perhaps a more exaggerated form of patriotism is nationalism, but both promote the best of the country. The forming of a nation itself comes from the need to act independently from a previously incapable government; anyone who restricts this to merely American politics are ignorant. Patriotism is a worldwide phenomenom; the Republican Party maybe "patriots" in name, but many Democrats are also patriots. Patriotism maybe reaction, but it is definitely not cowardice.

  • Patriotism and cowardice are two different things.

    How can a person put this two words together and make a comparison between them ? Patriotism means you have responsibilities on your shoulder and you are willing to take the duty. For example, during the WW2 many teenagers fought bravely with the fascists because they have patriotism, how can a man sacrifice their lives without fear? And is the man a cowardice?

  • Patriotism and fear are completely different.

    Patriotism and fear are completely unrelated. Why would you create a nation out of fear? Besides, a nation led by a leader who is afraid would not last very long. And what does voting have to do with it? People vote for those who they believe support their views (although that seems to have changed).

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kbub says2014-05-19T19:42:49.030
Patriotism is a mask for xenophobia and injustice-security logic, so I guess that can be cowardice in a way. There is definitely an element of fear within patriotism
yetifivepecks says2014-05-19T20:56:59.750
A small amount of patriotism is simply a love for one's own nation and people. Taken a bit farther, it is a love for one's nation in favor of other nations. Taken farther than that, the love for one's nation becomes blind faith in the moral good of one's nation. At this point, the nation can do nearly no wrong in the patriot's sight, and it's military endeavors must be held in the highest regard.