• Indeed it is .

    Patriotism doesn't allow you to appreciate good things of other country , if you insist to appreciate your fellow country man will put emblem of traitor on your head and they will provide you list of such lame excuses to defend the harsh reality within the country .
    Patriotism is another way of hindering thoughts .

  • If group mentality trumps ideology it becomes a cult.

    A good friend is not just a cheerleader and a good citizen does not always agree. Patriotism taken to the extreme is poisonous, it ruins that which it tries to preserve. If you become an addict, do you want your family to agree? There's a big difference between love and blind support.

  • Support to your country should not be unconditional

    If support is unconditional to one society, then it is just bigoted conformity.
    Granted the values I might agree with, but honestly if a country does not respect individual rights or the different opinions within their own society without getting all bitterly hostile towards each other, and tends to prefer to fight with weapons, instead of discussing the issues, then I as a human being will see to it that I can leave and immigrate to another country.
    Point being is that when people say they are patriotic it makes me wonder what about your group makes you so supreme to the rest of the world. I mean when it's something else like class or race or religion it would be called prejudice, yet with patriotism it seems to be virtuous to hold your country in high regard. I see myself as human first then American, but I would just as happily be human first and then Canadian or British or Spanish or German as long as I am being treated as a human being first.

  • Loaded question much?

    Patriotism is not overrated. Your country is your team. Represent your team. IF you don't like your team, then leave.

    Patriotism builds camaraderie. Love of country is a belief in something larger than oneself. A common cause unique to each nation. This is not to be confused with nationalism and a military industrial complex. Its being proud of your history and culture.

    Is there anything better than the world gathering to compete in the Olympics and individuals cheering their country on? Its awesome so stop second guessing everything,

  • I don't think it's overrated, it's just overused

    I think I'm a patriot because I care about this country's core values and I'm willing to sustain them. The problem with patriotism is that people may follow the government blindly, not thinking about how unconstitutional and contradictory the government really makes us look. To be a real patriot in America, you have to realize that we have lost our way and that we need to change. We're so prideful about what we were 100 years ago, that we forget just how much we're falling behind today. We have the highest incarceration rate in the world because of stupid laws that are unconstitutional and immoral. Laws that are backed by people who call themselves true patriots just because they're conservative. We boast about our freedom as if it's exclusive and top-of-the-line when that simply isn't the case anymore. Our founding fathers came here to escape tyranny and make a safe haven for people from every walk of life. That's something I'm willing to help with, but as long as we have people with their heads in their ***es we will continue to fall off the path we thought we were on the whole time. Blah blah blah, I love America, but stop saying you're a patriot when you have no idea what you're talking about. Thanks for your time.

  • Its our country be proud

    What's wrong with supporting the country that supports us and keeps us safe from terrisom more people should be patriotic and less cowards that expect to be protected but don't want to follow the laws that were put in place in sure our safety as a nation thank you very much

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