• Absolutely. What is there to be proud of?

    I can understand a feeling of love for one's country, or feelings of gratitude for a set of laws or customs that you cherish or hold to be just. However, I find it extremely foolish to be proud. Why be proud? Patriotism creates an "Us against them" mentality, and therefore, it is divisive by nature. Why be proud of the place you just happened to be born, or just because you live there? Countless deaths have been caused by excessive, nationalist zeal. How is this a good thing?

  • Patriotism was always ridiculous-

    It has inadvertently (or not in some cases) been the cause of wars and death, terrorism and injustice- let's not even talk about the fighting and bullying caused by it as well. And is it really a good thing anyway? What is the point of it? Feeling good about where you live is about the work that you do, how you live your life and the relationships that you have. Just because you were born in that country or migrated to it shouldn't instantly mean that you are obligated to be patriotic towards it.

  • Yes it is,

    Foolish: lacking forethought or caution.
    There is no reason to be proud of a piece of land you happened to born in just because another person who also born there did something that you believe was good.
    "Every inch of land you live on was fought with the blood and tears of soldiers; every breathe of air you take as a man was fought tooth and nail by your heroic matyrs. "
    And this is another reason not to be proud of it. Every inch of land is just the fight between to nations, between 2 flags that didn't agree on something and claimed that piece of land.
    I would be proud if people were able to intelligently debate, reason and communicate their thoughts "to be free and fair".
    At the end, why would you be proud of something that is not inherent of you? There were possibilities that you were going to born in another country, with other "martyrs", other thoughts, other lands, other philosophy, but you would be as proud. Which makes no sense.

  • Yes, It is a thing for people who don't know who they are

    Why patriotism? Why identified yourself with crowds, System of thoughts, Philosophies, Or anything like that. You don't have a true freedom when you try to find who you really are in such things. They are invisible chains that burried you in prisons. Nationalism is a disease that comes from the conspiracy of the on going crime against humanity

  • It is foolish indeed

    As others here have said the accident of where you're born seems to have a strong impact on many people's mindset and attitude, and this is true, but we should also consider where these ideas come from. Are they a natural expansion of our distant forefather's view of family, clan and village, or are they a willful exploitation of these old loyalties to people our ancestors knew personally? I believe the latter.

    This is an ongoing debate among social scientists in the field of nationalism/patriotism, (though both in my research and experience the line between those two is very blurred indeed) and I find myself firmly planted on one side of it. Nationalism/patriotism is a construct. A tool used by governments and other organisations of authority to create an "us against them" mentality. Not necessarily because they are jingoistic and want a conflict with a certain group of "them", but because it creates at least one common viewpoint in a population otherwise rife with disagreement and this makes that population, when needed, easier to steer in certain directions.

  • It is not 'what' but 'who'

    Patriotism is not foolish but there are foolish patriots. Patriotism is something to be proud of. National pride brings together people and let's people celebrate unique cultures. However, there are foolish people out there who do stupid things in the name of patriotism just like how there are people who do stupid things in the name of religion or race.

  • In good measure

    National pride or patriotism may well be a natural response. It is foolish if the country clearly discriminates or acts immorally, for example a fascist state, however there is nothing wrong with believing that a country is great because of great institutions within it, which have made the country great.

  • National Pride foolish?

    Simply because we live in a highly globalized world, doesn't mean that the pride and joy our ancestors once held for being from the same nation as us should be eradicated. Every inch of land you live on was fought with the blood and tears of soldiers; every breathe of air you take as a man was fought tooth and nail by your heroic matyrs. And then you come here, into a globalise world, willing to forget the millions of lives that were wasted for your life to be free and fair? Apart from that, countries with higher patriotism experience higher rates of growth and less corruption in a sense. The will of these nations outwit anyone; patriotism is not foolish.

  • A nation without a soul is bound to fail

    In order to answer this question, you have to know what a nation is. A nation is a group of people with a shared heritage, shared values and interests and a defined territory over which they hold effective control.

    Democratic governments based on one nation and one nation alone are the most effective, whereas democratic governments based on several nations (multinational states, like in Africa) usually see different nations or tribes fighting over control of the state. If you have two groups with widely-different interests and values within one state, they will fight eventually, and that is an absolute rule.

    All multi-national states fail eventually, but a nation can provide much-needed stability and a positive contribution to technology and culture.

  • No, it's not.

    Patriotism is not foolish, patriotism is like the base of a building, a building is only be as strong as its base. The same way, for a country to be strong, the people should believe in it. And of course, there is a need for any country to be strong! If someone is not attached to their own country, then how can they be expected to love other countries and then how can we become globalized? F only we are proud of our own country, if only we respect it, only then can we develop and shine.

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