• Yes, it's present more than ever these days

    Patriotism is not only present in today's world, it's thriving. Looking at America alone, our patriotism is as diverse as our people. The stances may be all over the map -- from "taxed enough already" to "affordable health care for all" -- but every single person is acting in what they believe is a way that will help their country to prosper. And no matter what our views our, when we are confronted with outside attacks, opinion or far more dangerous, we are capable of setting aside our differences and protecting our nation.

  • There are people that love their county.

    Patriotism, although diminishing, is still present in the world. There are a lot of people who are proud of their countries. We still have people who voluntarily sign up for our military because of their love of country. Without patriotism, people would not be willing to die for their country.

  • NO, at no other time in the history of the U.S.A. has country been so divided.

    Politicians have divided this country with fake news and lies. Social media makes these lies spread across the country, and the public believes them. Honest journalism is dead. This is the cancer that is killing patriotism. This dishonesty is killing all respect for our government including congress, the presidency, the supreme court, and law enforcement local and nation wide.

  • No, patriotism is not present in today's world.

    People think that patriotism is present in the world today. Most people who consider themselves patriots are actually rebels. They think that they are rebelling like their forefathers and thus are true patriots. What makes them not patriots, is the fact that they are rebelling against the country that their forefathers created making them the opposite of patriots.

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