Is patriotism the same it is now as it was when America was founded?

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  • No, people are not as patriotic as they once were.

    People used to be a lot more patriotic, and I think it has to do with the fact that people, back when the country was first founded, knew about the sacrifices people had made in order to found a free country, through the Revolutionary War. Similarly, people who grew up during or right after World War II also report on the very strong patriotism that permeated the country. Up until recently, schools would begin the day with saying the Pledge of Allegiance. The farther away we get from wars fought for our own freedom, it seems the less patriotic we are.

  • Patriotism is more prevalent now than when American was founded.

    When America was founded, there were very few colonists who were not the first generation removed from their homelands. They didn't so much consider themselves citizens of the United States as immigrants removed from their homelands. Now, most citizens are several generations removed from their ancestral roots and think of themselves exclusively as Americans.

  • No,patriotism is not the same now as when America was founded.

    Patriotism is not the same as it was when America was founded.because the culture is much different than it was then of course the patriotism will be different as well.People have the internet now to express their thoughts regarding patriotism so it can even be argued that today patriotism is even more prevalent than it was then.

  • Not even close

    When America was founded, men and women both were willing to do whatever it took to create a land they loved for their children and future generations. They would all stand together and work together to reach goals and to help each other in their time of need. Now people turn their back on each other and their country, even when others need them most. No one has faith in their government but no one is willing to suffer to do anything about it.

  • American Citizens Are Cynical

    I do not believe there is as much support for the United States government now, as there was when it was founded. When it was founded it was drafted and brought together for smaller groups of people, now it is too broad and overreaching, much like the Roman Empire in it's later years. I do not believe Americans are patriotic like they have been in the past. We're too busy being cynical because our government doesn't listen to us.

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