• I would tend to say yes.

    There surely is nothing wrong with taking pride in your nation and supporting what you love about it. However, it can become a problem if it directly determines your actions and thoughts. You shouldn't follow your country blindly. You should always doubt things as blind faith is nothing more than giving up trying to understand something. For example: You start hating a company for what it has done and there are much better alternatives in other countries. You should not continue supporting the company you started hating, just because it is a company from your country.

  • Lol go murica

    Whats wrong of being proud of where you come from? Like what was said before, being patriotic doesn't mean supporting every. Single. Thing. Your country does. You can support and love your country, but based on what you think is right- not solely for the purpose of what your country thinks or is doing.

  • Within Reason, But Not Without An Open Mind

    I see nothing wrong with it, if positive actions are taken with it. What I no longer accept is that partisanship I'll call "the armchair patriot", by which all other people are wrong and the believer of the armchair patriotism is always right. At the point where it becomes something of a litmus test whether you can associate with someone or not, it becomes blind fanaticism and does more harm than good.

  • No. The problem is blind patriotism.

    Being proud of your nation is perfectly fine, as long as people do not believe that they must support every single thing their country does. These days, some people believe that any questioning of the government or the military means that someone is being unpatriotic, when the opposite is really true. Patriotism is an optional feeling and one that comes in shades. It is only wrong when people blindly believe that we should be 100% patriotic all the time.

  • No Patriotism Is Not Wrong

    Patriotism is fine, expected, and a very natural part of being human. We want to feel like we belong to something, and we derive a sense of worth from the place we are from. While it can definitely be taken to an extreme and become unhealthy, patriotism in and of itself is not wrong.

  • No, patriotism is love of your homeland

    Patriotism is not just waving a flag that represents your country or government; it seems to be something that many people feel about the land they were born in. As such, it can be traced back to times when there were no countries but people held a simple appreciation for the land itself, its beauty and bounty. People also love their own history, its stories and its progress.

  • Patriotism is Taking Pride in Your Country

    There is nothing wrong with patriotism. It means taking pride in your country. Patriotism brings a sense of unity to various cultures all over the world. Patriotism can take many forms--waving a flag, volunteering at a local shelter or joining the military. Because we are different people from different backgrounds, patriotism can take myriads of forms.

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shelteredpony says2013-07-27T04:58:01.947
Patriotism is a form of propaganda that allows world leaders to justify their war horn toots. Patriotism is based upon the idea that your arbitrary borders are superior to the ones that lie 1 foot north or south.