Is Paul Ryan's proposed overhaul of Medicare a good idea?

  • Paul Ryan's Overhaul is a great idea

    Paul Ryan wants to turn medicare into a voucher program. His philosophy is rather than see medicare go bankrupt, we should give people choices, and eventually cut down a bit. The Democrats would prefer to see medicare crash and burn, without changing anything about it. Paul Ryan is an American who wants what is best for all medicare users.

  • Yes

    Overhauling Medicare will help restore solvency to the federal government while improving healthcare. The Medicare reform plan advanced by Rep. Paul Ryan is not just a good idea, it's essential both to restoring solvency to the federal government and to improving the nation's healthcare are two basic choices for slowing the pace of rising costs in Medicare. The first option—the one embraced by the Obama administration—is to rely on the federal government to impose price controls and otherwise try to micromanage how healthcare is delivered to patients. This approach has been tried for the past four decades in Medicare, and hasn't worked.

  • Yes, I believe the Ryan Medicare Overhaul Proposal is a Good Idea

    I believe the Ryan Medicare Proposal would create competition within the Medicare system by allowing recipients to opt for private health-insurance plans through government subsidies. This non traditional Medicare creates options for the recipient and privatization creates competition, efficiency and a higher quality of medicine. This Proposal would also slow the rising spending needed to keep Medicare afloat due to the aging US populous.

  • Too Much At Stake

    Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare overhaul looks really good on paper. Unfortunately, private sector insurance companies and firms will still find ways to charge insured persons more money and get them to take more tests. Instead of privatizing the government-run health care system, fix the problems with the current one. Americans have seen what happens when the private sector gets drunk on other people's money (remember the recession we're still recovering from). Giving the private sector more leverage to screw the American people is not a good idea.

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