• Kids will not rob Banks

    It is not that bad like come on Kids wont Rob a bank and if you turn down the volume you can not hear the bad words and It actually is not that bloody There is barley any blood actually I do not Think there is any blood in it anyway

  • No, it teaches bad lessons.

    No, Payday 2 is not good, because it teaches children the wrong lessons. Even adults learn the wrong lessons from practicing robbing a bank. People copycat the things that they see on television and in video games. It's also turning a blind eye to exposing children to violence to believe that children are not also playing Payday 2.

  • Payday creates an attachment

    Payday is an enslavement day, it is a day of the month that many people look forward to. With a reason - because that is the day where their bank gets bumped and the income gets redistributed to wherever each individual feels like it needs to go. What this mean however is that a certain dose of attachment and dependacne gets created, so people have become rats in the race: living for payday.

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