• Market demand and supply

    Too few people have the ability and willingness to coach, and yet there is high demand due to the many colleges available. Hence, market prices of coaches increase. However, the government should use a even more stringent progressive income tax to ensure that these incomes are redistributed to the needy people.

  • Yes, paying a college football coach 17 million dollars a year is justifiable in our world.

    One can certainly argue that no silly sports coach should make such an exorbitant amount when so much of the world suffers. The fact is, this is market value--extremely high market value, but market value nonetheless. What these extremely high paid coaches do with their money is on their conscience.

  • They bring in the money.

    Yes, paying a football coach $17 million is justified if that person does a good job. The difference between a good coach and a bad coach is winning football games. Winning football games makes people give more money to the school. Winning football games makes more intelligent people want to attend the school.

  • No, that's completely ridiculous.

    I am a big college football fan, but it is an absolute joke that football coaches can get paid millions of dollars per year, especially at public universities. People should be outraged that so much of their tax dollars are going to football coaches. As much as I enjoy watching college football, it should not exist. Public universities should not be able to spend so much money on athletics.

  • No, Paying a college football coach $17 million a year is not justifiable

    No, I do not believe that paying a college football coach $17 million per year is ever justified. What people often forget is that football is game, and although it can bring a lot of money to the university, a coach can be fairly compensated for far less money that that.

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