• Isn't Most Things??

    Student loans are nearly impossible to pay off. The interest rates alone are as bad as credit cards. The economy is in a bad place. People are barely able to pay their bills and have some left over because there are less jobs and cost of living is going up. College educations don't guarantee high-paying jobs anymore.

  • Yes, paying off student loans is a difficult process

    In today's economy paying off student loans has become to hard for students. After graduating from college, students have a hard time finding jobs in their field. Most students end up in low-paid, entry-level jobs that require only high school degree and it is very difficult to pay off loan with a minimum wage. I think that students should think hard before enrolling to college and evaluate the costs and benefits of the programs they are enrolling.

  • Yes, Student loans can be diffcult to pay

    Once you turn 18 and you go off to college your just starting your life off, and then BAM! you are automatically in debt. Your students loans already put you into debt before you can even start life. In college you have a minimum wage should that won't even make a dent in your student loans payoff, so yes it can be difficult to pay of student loans.

  • Yes, you'd be crazy to think differently.

    If you heard someone say that they have $20,000-$30,000 in debt, you'd expect people to gasp in horror and wonder what they did wrong to end up in such a position. You'd think that they'll be spending their whole lives paying it off. Student loans are no different, and it's ridiculous to saddle teenagers and young adults with debt that could follow them for the rest of their lives.

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